2016 F150 4x4 w/ custom AT Atlas Overland Topper > trade or $45k


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Currently located in Aspen, CO > moving mid-west to north-east starting in August. This is my full-time home, properties are nuts right now, so I’d rather find another larger vehicle to live in for the time being! Trade would be best for me, or I think my cost is fair considering all the work that went into this bad boy. Looking for $45,000 obo.

I have lived in this truck for 4 years (with this fancy topper only 1 year – basic hardshell topper before that!). I am constantly amazed at the off-road capabilities, from Maine to Moab – this truck has seen it all and preforms amazing! I went with #trucklife due to the ability to legitimately camp ANYWHERE. Get away from the crowds and find your own retreat in the backwoods! No room at campgrounds? Perfect! You’ve got all the power you need with the upgraded lithium battery. No sun? No problem! The Victron B2B charger will power you back up in no time. Thirsty? 10 gallons of fresh water stay cool in the custom build cabinet, that flips out to a table. Plenty of room and power to add a fridge.

The Truck: named Trucky, we keep it simple here.
2016 F150 XL V6 Ecoboost 2.7L Sport 4x4 6.5’ bed > 90K miles, zero issues

‘worker’ edition - hard to find these! full vinyl seating & rubberized floor mats. Supercab means 'suicide' style doors w/ half back bench seats that lift for storage. Lightweight aluminum body = great gas mileage (approx 15-18mpg) Full Bluetooth connectivity, SYNC interface.
2” lift on front, 2.5” left on rear
All terrain tires
Clean FL title and Carfax, extremely well maintained, no issues.

The house: AT Overland Atlas custom built truck topper.

-Aluminum with clear coat finish
- Easy 30 second deployment and stowage – interior has 6’10” of headroom when popped up! Clears 7’6” when closed – means it can fit in almost any parking garage, and also clear lowed down
- Sleeps 2 standard
- Built in two piece mattress 48” x 80” x 2”
- Insulated sleeping platform and shell walls with cedar planking
- Bedding can remain in place when closed
- All aluminum & composite construction
- Roof can be walked on (600 lbs max)
- Locking lift gate
- Built in wiring raceways with double USB port and 12 volt automotive socket
- 5 interior LED lights and 4 lift gate LED lights (amber colored)
- Ruggedly designed for 4×4 travel
- All season tent with no-see-um mesh windows, clear vinyl and privacy panels, includes insulated quilted paneling.
-Maxxair exhaust fan (hardwired to car battery)
-Fully functional skylight w/ bug screen & shade, LEDs
-2 euro-style sides windows with built in shades / screens
-rear cab tinted window for visibility
-slider window at truck cab
-200W Renology monocrystalline solar panels
-Victron dual battery charger
-Victron MPPT controller
-Battleborn lithium 100ah battery
-1000W inverter with shore power plug-in
-Exhaust area create for easy heater installation (I had a diesel heater installed – but fuel injector got gunked up so had to trash it)
-2 functional storage areas built over wheel wells, one side housing electrical components)
-foam board and waterproofed plywood flooring for insulation, covered by wood laminate flooring
-12v pump with electric faucet provides water from 20-gallon water reserve, includes 2 charcoal filters to fill up from any water source
-WeBoost 5G celluar boost antenna
-370 degree Rhinorack Batwing awning, covers passenger side & tailgate

Trucky was bought used from the original owner in FL, who barely used for one year before upgrading to a bigger work truck in 2018. This truck has taken me all over the country multiple times, included off-road, storms, creepy parking lots galore! I have made sure to keep this truck meticulously maintained, as it has been my home for the past 4 years. The dependability of this truck remains invaluable, as a solo female living out of it, I can honestly say I have never had any issues, and I am confident this truck will continue to provide adventures for years to come!

I am selling due to needing a bigger space for my growing fur family, looking for a larger live in vehicle and hanging up my off-road hat….for now :)


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Bump for a sweet combo…

Seems like a good deal too, well priced in today’s market…should sell quickly.

With mileage only @90k., there’s lotsa life left in this rig.
And how refreshing to see a simple interior, easy to keep clean, XL build👍🏻


Don't sale it.. you won't be finding a home for a good price as you stated but you also won't be finding any campers or anything to live in for cheaper than that unless you get into a plain 2wd 1980s van or a big trailer to tow. prices are stupid for everything everywhere