2016 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71


The bulkhead seal was nice, but it was too tall and too rigid and didn't compress enough......waste of $20. I can see daylight in two front corner spots that I will need to fix today with more of the gasket material rolls.

The rolls of the bulb and flat gasket sealer are nice

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I found a pair of these stainless steel bed rail cleat tie downs in the garage from my old 2004 Dodge Ram 3500

They installed and fit good


I installed four of the GM bed tie down loops and they are very nice and add alot of function to the bed

With the cap on the truck sagged 3/4".....Not bad at all. Now I can look at rear block sizes for the lift kit

I need to order a spool (24') of 14G or 16G stranded red wire for the 3 hole accessory outlet I will mount in the bed.....it will be directly wired to the battery with a simple inline fuse


The four piece tie down hook set was nice and all installed in under 10 min

I might pick up two more tie downs to intall20200224_083648.jpg


Outlet strip ready for the inner cap channel

I think 14G wire should be good.......whats EP think?


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14 awg would be sufficient in my mind and I definitely like the GM tie downs, I've installed 6 in my bed, for off eBay and couldn't be happier!

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What r ported intake and custom tune good for HP/TQ wise on the 5.3?

I'd personally not look at taller blocks. Taller the block the worse the axle wrap.
On the 14+ GMs I don't know how tall your stock block is mind you. If you are going from 1" to 2" not a big deal.

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What are your thoughts on running a catch can on these direct injection engines? I am seriously considering getting over for mine

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I had a catch can on my Ecoboost

It filled up a 3 ounce can every 4 days in the cold season months, mostly due to the condensation from the intercooler

Most likely I will not be running a catch can with the 5.3L

I love the power and sound of the V8 and don't miss the Eco one bit