2016 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71


The Undercover swing case should be here tomorrow

Looks like a quick install too

My Hi Lift kit will be kept inside the truck now, just not in the swing case

I drilled and modified the handle for a 5/16" bolt. The stock pin and ring clip was too loose. It's a rock solid handle and attachments now

Even found two perfectly matching old furniture wrenches I kept, to keep inside the bag for the 3 bolts (one for the two piece handle, one for the attachments and one as a spare bolt)



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I must have found the unicorn of 1500 Silverados. No problems besides the recalls. Zero issues with my 2015 Z71 LTZ. Traded it in last Thursday for my 2020 2500 HD 'Rado. Looking forward to working with the beast.


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Looks like some behind the grill LED bars interfer with grille shutters

Now, how do I know if my truck have these grille shutters?

Based on what I see, this feature started in 2017?
They are quite noticable if you get up in the grill and look for them...1ad43e8e4a047a29cc2e489863f9cdf7.jpg

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With the length of the threads on the stock wheel lugs/studs, does anyone know how thick of slide on spacers I can use?



Undercover swing case is very nice

Installed in 5 minutes and it's nice added storage for gear

I'll get some pics up soon


Installing the same 3.5" Superlift kit tomorrow on my friends truck

I will get some pics and post my impression of the kit

I am planning on doing the lift on my truck by the end of the month


We installed the 3.5" Superlift kit on my friends 2015 High Country last night

Took MUCH MUCH longer than expected...…..we have installed numerous 2.5" leveling kits before but this 3.5" install kicked our butts

Overall, the install went smooth...…...directions could have been better but it was still a nice kit for the price

Took two guys 8 hours to do the install, with normal basic tools, two floor jacks, and 4 jack stands

He got tires today and was able to clear 285/65R20s........which is roughly 34.60" x 11.20"

I am going to start taking my truck apart on the 24th and install the kit on the 25th

Here are pics of my friends truck:



The 30" LED light bar (for behind the grill) and mounting kit also arrived

I will see if I have time to install it later...…..here are the specs:

30" Curved
Single Row
150 W
12,000 Lumens
30 degree spot beam
IP67 Waterproof


I really like the stance of this truck...…….which has 295/70R18 (34.30" x 11.60")

I think (and hope) I can clear these tires


This truck also has just a front 2.5" leveling kit and a 1" tall rear lift


I found a 3.5" by Skyjacker, but some say it wont fit...…..

I think I def need a 3.50" tall block too...……...my friends 2015 High Country sits only 1/4" tall in the back. With my gear and cap I will need the added height. I think a 4" block will be too tall.