2016 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71


Looking to possibly get a programmer for my truck

Looking for suggestions since I am new to this 5.3L world

Cold air intake
Ported intake manifold
Ported throttle body
Range AFM disabler

Soon to have an exhaust


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Black Bear Performance does a good job tuning. I purchased an autocal from them, and had my 2014 GMC 1500 tuned. Noticeably improved driveability- better shifting, and the reduced torque management makes it feel more peppy. Cost more than a run of the mill programmer, but it's totally custom to your truck and the mods you've done. With where you're headed performance wise, I'd definitely recommend a tune to make the most of your mods. You've got a sharp truck!
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I think I am going to use a 2" top strut spacer and a bottom 1/2" strut spacer, for a 2.5" front lift

I could also go with a 1/2" top strut spacer and a bottom 2" strut spacer...……...again, for a 2.5" front lift

I just wonder, what will be better. A 2" spacer ontop of the strut or a 2" spacer on the bottom of the strut?

From my measurements, my truck has a "1-1/4" tall factory rear block (anyone confirm???)

I am looking all over for a good 2-1/2" tall rear block...…...I believe that a 2" tall rear block wont be enough and a 3" will be too much


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I've got a 2" below strut spacer and the factory block in the rear and it's perfect, so if you're going 2 1/2" in the front I wouldn't go with anything over a 2" block in the rear

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My cap and gear in the bed also sagged the bed 3/4"

I would rather have it sit a tad high in the rear, so the truck isn't perfectly level


I'm also looking at new rear shocks

Traditional monotube or a reservoir style

I will only get a shock with polyurethane bushings. I ran shocks with spherical stainless rod end style ends before and they would be locked and seized up in 8 months. Never again


I am not sure Icon reservoir shocks will be in my budget

I ran Bilstein shocks before but never Fox


Getting the front door re-tinted this morning, to match the factory rears

Also getting a front windshield sun shield brow


The truck is interesting with the ported intake manifold. Initially I wasn't impressed

I felt good gains with the ported throttle body and the Injen intake......but the manifold seemed like it lost power

I am sure the A/F is a tad lean so I am going with a custom tune for more fuel.

With all that being said, the more I drive the truck the better the power feels. Like the computer is learning and gaining more as more miles gets put on the truck.

Excited to see how the custom tune performs, especially with the 8 speed trans


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I don't know the Chevys very well, but I personally wouldn't be running those mods without a tune to compensate. You could very well be running lean and the PCM can't figure out what to do.

Bilstein 5160 remote reservoir shocks are cheap, but they don't hold up the best to salty winter weather. They had 3 different lengths, so you could probably find the ideal compressed and extended length for your truck. Generically tuned for half ton steel trucks as far as I am aware.

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Bilstein #25-242515 (Reservoir) allows for up to a 2" lift
Icon #76526R (Reservoir) allows for up to a 2" lift
Fox #210-90144 (Reservoir) allows for up to a 1" lift

Pro Comp Pro Runner #EXPZX3020 (non rezzy) allows for up to a 2" lift
Icon #76526 (non rezzy) allows for up to a 2" lift
Fox #980-24-660 (non rezzy) allows for up to a 1" lift
Bilstein #33-238319 (non rezzy) allows for for up to a 1" lift


So, with all that being said, the Fox shocks are all out and the non-rezzy Bilstein is out.

Bilstein #25-242515 (Reservoir) allows for up to a 2" lift...……………………………….$332
Icon #76526R (Reservoir) allows for up to a 2" lift...……………………...…………………$479

Pro Comp Pro Runner #EXPZX3020 (non rezzy) allows for up to a 2" lift...………$320
Icon #76526 (non rezzy) allows for up to a 2" lift...................................................$320


Thinking also about payload and/or towing assistance with this truck

My F150 had the Max Tow with Timbrens and the truck was able to handle 2500 pounds in the bed

This Silverado seems to squat easy and it needs some help...…….I like Timbrens because they are simple and effective

I saw another product called SumoSprings……….anyone have hands on experience with them?

Air bags are appealing but seems like the bags and lines are more prone to leaks and failing...…....and the need for an air source