2015 F250 37’s 4.5 lift, AT Habitat, many upgrades.

I’ve decided it’s time to switch things up a little bit, so I’m selling my adventure rig.
The truck currently has 103,385 miles on it. When I purchased the vehicle in 2017 I installed a
Carli Dominator 4.5 inch lift and 3 inch smooth body king shocks with 37 inch tires.
The AT topper has been on the truck since last June. The AT HABITAT is a 2018.
It was installed at the factory in Prescott, at the time of instillation I added the aluminum tracks for the roof racks, rigid underhand lights and Max Trax.
50 quart ARB fridge
MSA slide and a
Decked Drawer system.
The previous owner blew the motor up at 50,000 miles and had a warranty long block replacement installed the motor has 50,000 miles on it. I bought the truck with 55,000 miles on it.
A few things have been replaced over the years. The primary and secondary radiator and air to water intercooler replaced one year ago.
SS Motorsports disaster preventer kit
The truck receives regular oil changes every 5000 miles. I replace the fuel filters every other oil change.
Recon projector headlights, LED interior lights, and LED reverse lights.
It has made a world of difference when driving at night.
The truck currently has a DPF delete and 400 hp, Which illuminates the need for DEF fluid.
I have the DPF and factory exhaust. This set up is ideal for Mexico where ultra low sulfur diesel isn’t always available.
I will smog the vehicle for you as it is my responsibility.
This is a turnkey rig ready for Mexico or anywhere else you may want to take it, it’s very reliable. It has a tremendous towing/payload capacity yet is very well behaved on the road.
You won’t get a better ride than this truck has on 37’s with the Carli dominator suspension.
I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things feel free to ask any questions you may have.
The truck is located in San Luis Obispo California my asking price is

$46,000 or best offer.

I will split up the setup

$37,000 Truck with lift, wheels and tires only

$10,000 AT topper only

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Nice set-up!

Where did you get the rock sliders/rails from and are they attached the the frame?
Nice set-up!

Where did you get the rock sliders/rails from and are they attached the the frame?
They’re actually not rock sliders there step boards that look like rock sliders they are attached to the factory locations on the body and not the frame. I’ve not been able to find a manufacturer who makes rock sliders. It’s rare that you actually need them in this truck because of tall it is!

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I don’t know if it’s obvious by the pictures but the spare tire is a full-size 37 inch tire on a matching rim. It’s a nice feature of these super duty trucks that you can carry such a big spare in the factory location without modification.

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