2015 F 550 ambulance build


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Hello everyone. Im new to this forum and hoping for some advice. I was going to to do the buckstop super single conversion but I have liquid springs suspension on the rear which makes the conversion not compatible. I talked to the guys at liquid springs and they worked with buckstop to create a compatible system but its on 2017 and newer chassis. So what I was advised to do was to do a small lift maybe 2" and put 35" tires on keeping it dual rear wheel. Any suggestions on wheels and tires that would work with this situation. I do not want to put spacers in on the rear wheels. Tbanks for any info.


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It is my understanding that the “problem” with DRW off-road (more than dirt or gravel two tracks) is the possibility for rocks/stumps/etc to get wedged between the rear tires, possibly even destroying both sidewalls.

The lesser issue is airing down too far can lead to them pushing tires off the beads, but this is fairly simple to avoid if you don’t air down to the point where the tires flatten out substantially.

I’m fairly experienced with the Super Duty series of trucks, but have no idea what “liquid springs” are, which is why I suppose there are no replies.

If it is a clearance issue and you are planning a lightweight camper build, BFG makes a KM3 in 37/13.5R20 that is rated for almost 4,000 lbs per tire. Obviously you’d be looking a downrated the rear axle capacity, but it might still meet your needs.
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The issue with the 550's is the 19.5" stock wheels. Difficult to get much else. I currently use 245 70 19.5's on my 550. They are 33" tall. I don't think I could get a 265 on without a spacer between the wheels or the tire side walls would touch.

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