2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon - Overland Build


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So, I'll be honest that it really sucks to be writing this, but I'm selling my beloved Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

After (admittedly) flip-flopping around quite a few 4X4s, I bought and built this one to be the end-all, be-all. Then about 6 months later, I got a job at a 4WD magazine in Australia — and I would have been crazy to turn it down considering that I'm relatively young and...Australia. Now that I've been here for 4-5 months, and it doesn't look like I'll be leaving any time soon, it's time to sell the Jeep.

The idea behind the build was to be considerate of weight and center-of-gravity, while still making something that looked cool and drove well down the highway. I fitted a two-inch lift from Synergy Manufacturing, with Fox 2.0 IFP shocks, which was professionally installed by them. You can read an article about the install and my thoughts here, [link] and then to fit the 35-inch BFGoodrich KM2s, I used MCE Flexible Fenders. With this setup you can run 37-inch tires if you should want. It also has five Hutchinson / Rock Monster Beadlock wheels, which weren't cheap to say the least.

BryonDorrLockhartBasin 18.jpg

Inside the cab, I tried to 'pretty it up' with very nice sound deadening panels from Insul-Liner. They work really well and give the cab a quieter ride. There's also an SPOD system to control all of your accessories, which is hooked up to Rigid LED backup/camp lighting, and a 20" Rigid SR2 light bar upfront. It's bright, and I'd compare it to a good set of driving lights, but it's understated. I also have the amber/yellow covers for the light bar to help in fog. It's attached to a Pronghorn Overland Gear front bumper, which is super lightweight, but strong. It's an impressive work of engineering all on its own. Oh, there's Truck-Lite LED headlights too, and a set of MAXTRAX with a rear-wheel harness included.

A dual battery system has also been fitted to the vehicle, with a National Luna solenoid with remote monitoring capability. There's two group 34 Optima batteries.

I've also fitted a bunch of other goodies, like a euro-spec hood lock, a hook blackout, and ARB Drawer half system in the rear I was also halfway into a hot water shower install before I moved to Australia. Those items can be taken out if you don't have a use for them.

The vehicle was bought in Prescott, and lived it's young life on the west coast, getting quite a few trail miles in. The low center of gravity matched with the ability to run really low tire pressures thanks to the beadlocks (oh and front and rear lockers and a 4:1 low range) means that it can go quite a few places. It still cruises down the highway without a single shake or shimmy.

It has a six-speed manual gearbox and 14,000 miles. Dealer maintained, with oil changes every 3,000. It is currently located in Chicago where my Dad is helping me sell it.

It seems that modified JKs are actually going for quite a bit of money used, and this one has some really fantastic components. I've seen JKs with more miles, less gear, and crappy gear at that sell recently for $45k. It doesn't have a scratch or dent on it.

I am looking to get $40,000 for mine. You couldn't get a hard top Rubicon out the door for that with taxes, and this one comes with over $10,000 in accessories.

You can PM me through the forum, or send me an email at matthew_scott@me.com








The List:

  • 14,000 miles
  • 6-speed manual gearbox
  • 3.6 Pentastar Engine
  • Factory Lockers
  • Factory Tow Package
  • Factory Floor Mats
  • Factory Hard Top
  • MOPAR Euro-spec Hood Lock $150
  • Hood Blackout $100
  • 35-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM2 Tires $350 x 5 $1750
  • Hutchinson Rock Monster Beadlock Wheels $450 x 5 $2250
  • Synergy Manufacturing Stage One Suspension System with Fox Racing 2. IFP Shocks $2000
  • Pronghorn Overland Gear MFES-C1 Bumper and Skid Plate $2200
  • MAXTRAX with Rear Wheel Harness $400
  • MCE Flexible Fenders $600
  • Rigid 20-inch SR2 Combo Light Bar with Amber Covers - $700
  • Rigid Backup Lights - $250
  • Trucklite LED Headlights $350
  • sPOD Wiring System $425
  • ARB Outback Drawer - $650
  • Insuliner Headliner Sound/Heat Boards, Leather/Vinyl Wrapped - $750
  • MORE Dual Battery Bracket - $150
  • 2X Optima Yellow Top Batteries - $450
  • National Luna Dual Battery System with Remote Monitoring - $350
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You me all the way up through 6 speed manual :( As much as I love them, I can't drive them any more after my knee surgeries. Good luck with the sale!

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This thread needs a like button, this is likely the best purpose built JK currently for sale anywhere for the money, hope it sells soon and you keep enjoying Australia.


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A bunch of different stuff actually, I do a bunch of vehicle testing here, so it varies by week.

When this sells, I'll buy a Troopcarrier.


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GLWS, I was just sizing your front bumper up. I think my MBRP light bar will still work with that bumper! Hmmmm I think I found a winner! Your jeep is sweet. Too bad you could not ship to you!

EDIT, just noticed that the winch mount is on top, not low in the bumper. DOH. Good luck with the sale Matt!

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