2014 Jeep Liberty Replacement Without Camo


is it too much to ask for something porsche has done since...well..since forever?

keep the darn shape coddamit.

yes,i want a box on wheels that will take me thru zombies,rocks,mud,past mother in laws,

and finally reach the final destination, i.e. beer store :D


I don't get it, Toyota has the Tacoma, FJ, 4Runner and 70 LC overseas...why cant Jeep come out with more than one offroad capable vehicle?


wow. do not like. I sure hope thats not the direction they plan to go with the front clip.

Too radical design. Very un-Jeep like.


Looks way to blah & soft - loose the bling, stop rounding off every edge, and bring back the straight lines from the original cherokee. Thank god for the Wrangler.

Dan Grec

Expedition Leader
Why is everyone is focused on what it looks like?

Big rumors that it will see a 3.2 lt pentastar, and maybe a 9 speed auto, for 45% efficiency.

We know they're working hard to improve the efficiency of the Wrangler too, so these are more clues to how they might do it.



While I might be in the minority, I actually really like the way it looks. Assuming it isn't horrifyingly expensive when it comes out, I hope to get one. It'll keep my 95 XJ company.


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Let me rephrase what I was trying to say. This Little crossover look nice everything except the slant back on the seven slots clip. If they fixed that it would be a sharp looking little Cute Ute.


Gone are the days of Cracker Jack styled SUVs, just because we here on expo prefer our vehicles to resemble bricks does not mean that is the way they are designed. Overall, it is not my personal taste, but I was not a big fan of the last liberty either, it looks like it will serve well in the cross over niche, (if you block off he grill it looks like a buick enclave) if he gas mileage is good, it should do fairly well in today's market, kudos to jeep for breaking the mold and trying to be more than what they are.