2013 Toyota Landcruiser complete 76 Series Body!

eco 45

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I have a complete 76 Series Body 2013 for sale! This is a factory LHD model; which had a 1hz with a/c!! This body was imported as parts LEGALLY from UAE and and assembled on a junk chassis for ease of movement. The CHASSIS is for OFFROAD use ONLY and ease of moving the body around. This is a great opportunity to build an FJ60 or FJ80 to look like a 76 Series Land Cruiser. No motor, transmission, transferase or other items under the hood will be included. This is for the body, complete wiring and interior! The chassis I will include for purposes of moving the body easily, but cannot be used in the build of the truck! Please only contact me if you are serious. Price is $31,000. I have inbound low KM 1HZ motors from South Africa with transmission/transfer case that I could offer a deal on for this build that will land in a month. Located in Central Oregon.


eco 45

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SOLD!! I have another 76 Series from Dubai that I may list for sale as a parts vehicle. The rest I have will be built and sold once completed.


Or just import a 2013 LC troopy, and register it as Toyota "other" in South Dakota, or Arizona... I know quite a few people in the PNW that have done that successfully multiple times, same with the 2000's diesel G-Wagons, and R34 GTR's.. They even have them insured by progressive hahaha