2013 JK, what fluids to carry on the road/trail.


I would like to carry some emergency fluids for my JK when I go on a long trip this fall. I have my Jeep serviced at the dealer and would like to carry the same products they use. Oil, teams fluid, coolant, brake fluid, diff oil etc.

Some might say with a Jeep so new, why bother?



Oil! I thought the samething with only 40k miles until my oil light came on while going down a dirt road. Four quarts low and no there was no leaks.


Expedition Leader
Skip the diff oil because you can use motor oil and it stinks if it leaks. Buy Lucus motor oil because it comes in the thickest bottles that won't wear thru from vibration. 3 quarts will get you home but if you expect deep water crossings then 5. You can dump motor oil in a tranny in a pinch as well as in the power steering but if yours have a habit of boiling over then carry the right stuff. The fluid you never ever ever want to mix is break fluid. Carry a bottle of it. I've used break fluid more than any of them. Enough water for a radiator, silicone RTV and JB weld to fix the hole that let the fluid out in the first place. I carry two more based on experience. Break/parts cleaner in a spray can to get the grease off the parts you are fixing or water out of electronics. It's a luxury in the shop but mandatory in the bush. The other is glass cleaner. After a muddy day a mud puddle only cleans so well. Glass cleaner gets them crystal clear for a long drive home or so you can see the marvelous sites you traveled too in the first place. An aerosol can cost a few bucks more but you only use it once in a while and metal cans don't leak.