2013 G550 Overland Vehicle


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Expedition-ready G Wagon, fully equipped for African-style overlanding. Used primarily for beach camping and longer adventure trips like the 2017 solar eclipse. Currently in Denver. Selling because the rooftop tent style camping is no longer an option for us.

2013 G550 with piano black interior, 86,500 miles. I’m the second owner since 2015 when I purchased it from an MB dealership as a regular G Wagon. All overland gear was acquired new by me. The vehicle has been serviced regularly at one MB dealership, and all repairs and modifications performed by their service center.

Overland equipment:
  • ORC front winch bumper – imported from Germany
  • Bravo right-side snorkel – imported from Spain – not installed
  • BFG KO2 tires 255/70 R18
  • Viair compressor
  • Flat Baja rack with various attachments
  • Front Runner ladder
  • Howling Moon 180cm Stargazer rooftop tent with annex – imported from SA
  • 52 liter National Luna Weekender fridge/freezer – imported from SA; on a sliding tray
  • Large 270 degree Bunduawn awning – needs some fabric repair.
  • Spare wheel cover with the lockable compartment – G Wagen Accessories
  • Fender protection overlays – G Wagen Accessories
  • Recovery gear: sand tracks, Off road jack (inflatable), chains, straps
The truck shows normal wear for an overland vehicle. It had one minor accident when the radiator and the front end hardware were replaced. I used that opportunity to have the ORC winch bumper installed instead of replacing the bull bar, so net positive. Allwork was performed by the MB service center over two years ago.

Howling Moon Stargazer is an absolute chad of a tent. The tent can make or break your trip, and this one is the best there is. HM tents are used commercially for glamping tours in SA, and they are bulletproof. No leaks under the heaviest downpours, dries up in no time. We spent 3 days in a tropical storm 4 years ago when the entire campgrounds were either floating or leaking, except for us. After the storm we just flipped over the rainfly, opened the large stargazer windows on the tent roof and had one of the most majestic nights of our lives.

Sleeping up high is not only more enjoyable (fresh air, flat, dry space, great views), but also safe. You can actually sleep even when you know a mountain lion is prowling around your camp site.
180cm tent width is perfect for G Wagon: king size bed with ample room for two, but leaves enough space around it on Baja rack for additional equipment. The annex is as robust as the tent and adds enough room for two inflatable beds.

On the opposite side of the tent there is a 270 degree Bunduawn awning. Its two large arms swing around the front and the back of the truck meeting the tent, so you are always in the shade as you move around. The awning is huge, but handles strong winds well as the arms can easily be anchored. The fabric needs to be repaired in two spots, but does not affect the performance.

National Luna Weekender fridge has a very efficient compressor and we feed it from regular Li-ion camping batteries. It’s a fridge/freezer (all fridge or all freezer), and 52L is more than enough for extended weekend trips. When combined with a Yeti style cooler, you can easily go off-grid for 10+ days (without foraging or hunting).

I installed a wire shelf rack in the back, just above the fridge, for additional storage. With such setup we comfortably fit 4 people for a 2,200 miles solar eclipse camping trip carrying 3 telescopes.
We have not named our overland rig, but clearly we have a very close connection to it. Unfortunately, rooftop tent is no longer an option for one of us, so we are looking for a more gentrified solution. Not considering selling in pieces for now, as this is a great integrated solution that can handle almost any overland challenge. Its iconic looks guarantee that you will make instant connections with folks wherever you go.
  • $75,900
  • Carfax report available upon request.
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