2013 Expedition

So we finally had to bite the bullet and update the family truck. It's my wife's daily vehicle. And the one we use when were all going somewhere together. Its a 13 expedition limited. Its replacing the now handed down to me 05 Durango limited.

Expedition has silly amount of features, and depreciated so much more than a Tahoe I couldn't pass it up. Perfect for what we use it for. However, I did use it to try and tow about 7500lb when the brake controller in my diesel burb took a crap. I can now verify, with personal experience, the incredible lack of torque that a 5.4 3v produces. I'm not sure it would have picked up speed falling off a cliff with that load behind it. Didn't buy it to tow. But when the need arose, I looked down and saw the integrated trailer brake and said how bad could this be? Slooooow. I expected the suspension to be too soft, and it was. Brakes are fantastic, but what a useless powertrain to put a load behind.

At least I know the engine doesn't have a prayer in hell of overworking the rest of the drivetrain. The old hemi Durango pulls like a freight train comparatively.

Just passing on my experience. No idea how that engine was in a heavy f series, but got a feeling it's pretty bad without a lot of gear.


I don't know much about 2013s, but my 2000 has a throttle cable, and the cable can stretch and not open the throttle plate all the way. Once I took up the slack, it felt like a brand new truck.

The Triton motor isn't a huge powerhouse. Nobody is swapping Tritons into various projects like the LS motor or writing songs about it like the Hemi, but it quietly gets the job done.

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Its sufficient for hauling out family around, but that's about it. I didn't buy it for towing, but the trailer prep stuff is real misleading. I looked at a few tuners out of curiosity. 400 or so bucks for 20hp? I don't think so. I couldn't even feel a 6 percent increase, even if it delivered as advertised.
This past weekend I changed oil from whatever the dealer filled it with. Filled with 0w 20 synthetic, and it made a huge difference in valve train chatter on startup.