2013 Dakar


Bump, Dakar starts in a just a few days, anyone know the best places to go for news and updates? Any good preview sites listing all the teams/bios/vehicles?


first leg tonite waiting for it to air, sadly in the UK we only get an hour of coverage of the dakar and most of that is of the race leaders I'd love to see more of the true spirit of the dakar e.g. the privateers.

glad the miserable git jean-louis schlesser is no longer on the scene a poor looser for sure, though cyril despres could do with a beating from the happy stick what a miserable git.

I think robby gorden has what it takes to win this year.

updates here: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/motorsport/dakar/

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For those of us without cable TV, does anyone know a good site online we can watch the daily recap videos or even live video? Much appreciated!


For those of us without cable TV, does anyone know a good site online we can watch the daily recap videos or even live video? Much appreciated!
It looks as though they have a live feed link on the Dakar website. On the home page, http://www.dakar.com/index_DAKus.html , click the drop down menu, 2013 Edition, and you should see the live feed link. Hope it works when the time comes. They have apps we can download as well for play-by-play on our smartyphones.


FYI for those with iPhones I just downloaded the official Dakar app and although all of the reviews are negative mine is working just fine. Hopefully, it will have live updates from each day. I will post up after today's first stage is complete.


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Day One was a short stage, sort of a prologue for the following days' racing. Most teams completed the stage without much drama. However, Robby Gordon suffered a major setback when his Hummer got stuck in sand at the top of a dune. The Hummer's transmission reverse gear failed, so it was very difficult to get the vehicle unstuck.

Gordon ended the stage 10+ minutes behind the leaders. Unfortunately for Gordon, the stage results were multiplied by a factor of three.* So Gordon's time deficit is now 32 minutes after just one day of racing.

*The organizers announced long before today's racing that time deficits would be tripled on this stage. I think it's because the stage is so short. Ouch!


"What's really funny about this picture that most of you probably don't know is that they're pissing against the wall of this new super-exclusive, newly constructed golf club for the rich and famous in Peru."

*BTW, that would be co-pilot Kellon Walch of the Clark County, NV FD & the first American to ever to win a motorcycle stage in the Dakar Rally at the wall


Kellon is a solid dude, being a new fireman with us he basically worked 3 days straight including foot patrol on the strip, worked a busy station new years day having a large commercial garage fire at 2am then flew out for the race that same morning. Go team Gordon/Walch!


I'm always disappointed there isn't more coverage of the "privateers" - just loops repeatedly showing the top 3-5 of each.

Also not enough coverage of the big trucks.

And I still miss Toby Moody!