2012 Provan Tiger 4x4 Duramax Diesel 15k California


I’d love to have that.

Why would you trade the gasser for the diesel? Range? More mph up the hills?
Seems like you would have more payload with the gasser, these are already usually maxed out wet.

The dealer quote cracks me up “We are one of the few RV dealerships “

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I prefer social distancing.
I have seen specs on 3/4 ton, and they do seem maxed out for weight.
Is that the same for 1 ton too?


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I live very close to this tiger and was in the area so had to stop by and check it out. I found a Tiger for myself a few months ago after months of searching but had to at least go check it out since I was literally driving by the dealer. It is for sale at a large consignment dealer, they know very little about Tigers in general but did some quick google research and know they have something valuable.

The tiger looks like it has been sitting for an extended period and not used in some time. There is some water damage and lots of rodent droppings(they have not had chance to clean it up yet they said). I did not do a super thorough inspection of all systems but the ac and and fridge were on an working when I viewed it, interior lights all work. I also did not drive it. Tires are in good condition and have a 2017 manufacture date.

The water damage is in the rear below the rear window. I attached some pictures. Laminate has pealed of rear cabinets behind the couch and bathroom door also. They have since been painted to try and match rest of interior. Does not look like any water leaks around the front bunk windows(common problem area). There was no staining on headliner I could see(did not crawl up on bed).

The exterior sides look in good condition but the fiberglass roof looks a little weathered. Guessing it has been sitting for years outside uncovered. It does not have any roof solar but comes with 100 watt portable/briefcase panel.

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Thx for posting your inspection and for showing the pictures you took.

If you die of hantavirus soon, we’ll all know why😳


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Nice Tiger. A real shame to see the neglected water leak and rodent issues. Dealer asking price may seem good because of the low milage but don’t gloss over the issues. Repairs could be very expensive and rodent damage may be the bigger of the two IMO. A very detailed inspection of both issues is needed to evaluate damages and repair costs. Price should be low wholesale, $79 is way too much IMO. I might like it for $60 and would need a full inspection for anything more. BTW, my 2013 Tiger, it has 55,000 miles on the Ram 3500 and provided a couple hundred nights of comfortable lodging. It’s more than a 1,000 lbs. under GVWR and the diesel power is excellent. I’ve owned many RV types since ’78 and this has been my favorite, a do all "Swiss Army Knife" RV.

update for photo request post # 12
tiger rightside.jpg
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