2012 FUSO FG flatbed/tray + toolbox + diesel tank + pump


Watching you from a ridge
OK, time to move this out of the way.

I've got a tray with a headache rack that has been removed from my 2012 FG. Heavy duty steel bed, folding headache rack, Better Built toolbox and fuel tank combo, with a Graco 12v pump on the 75 gallon tank. (maybe it was 65 gallons, come to think of it....)

Bed is located in Bend, OR and the wheel/tire on it does not come with it. Crane does, however. Has a nice little winch on the crane, also.

Length: 144 inches or ~366 cm
Width: 80.5 inches or ~204 cm
Height (without mounting rail): 39.5 inches or ~100 cm

Mounting rail:
Length: 144 inches or ~366 cm
Width: 29 5/8 inches or ~75 cm
Height: 8 inches or ~20 cm

And of course, the most important part - the bed is done in high performance Authentic Overland Authorized Genuine BLACK some-kind-of-liner coating.

Guaranteed to increase your top speed, payload capacity, curb weight, and attraction to the opposite sex.:Wow1:

How's $800 sound? As-is, where-is.

Note: there's a compressor/tank setup in the tool box that will be removed, part of a National Air Ride seat set that's also going to be for sale.