I posted part of this in Hardside campers, but figured I should post here instead.
We have lived our lives on adventures, most were never planned but just started and led to epics & fun with a little pucker factor thrown in.

The start of the summer led me to drive from eastern WA to Yooperland in Michigan. I spent a little over a month here fishing, visiting a few folks I want to know before heading back west. While here I saw a cougar near Bruce's Crossing on M-28. Shocked me but the UP has moose, wolves, cougar, martin, and a host of other critters including some very backwoods Finns, whom I am friends with.

From the UP I headed west again running into a tornado near Wibaux, MT. I avoided any damage but did experience wind and rain that I'd only seen in Bristol Bay while commercial fishing. The truck & camper were listing but there was no way in he'll I was stopping. Once I hit Billings the weather got better.

After I arrived in WA we regrouped, packed our kayak trailer with kayak and fishing gear and headed North to home, Alaska. We spent the remainder of the summer till late September in Alaska. Fishing was fantastic, photos of caribou, black bear, stone sheep, woodland bison, birds of prey etc were abundant.

All in all our summer was great.

Right now I am sitting on an Indian Reservation camping & hunting birds. I really like having a camper vs the wall tent. Set up & take down is a snap.

My trips & mini adventures are not over for this year. Will pack gun and some ammo soon to fly out and hunt with my Big Island friends and then come back to the mainland and finish up 2012 with goose&duck hunts.