2011 Tundra Crewmax with ARB tent - Miami, Fl


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For sale is my 2011 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4x4 with a custom bed rack with ARB Tent

This truck is currently located in Miami, Florida.

Asking price $25,000

This Tundra has been a great truck. Currently it sits on ICON Stage 1 suspension lift which does not include rear leaf springs, basically used as a leveling kit. The ICON shocks in the rear do help a lot though. The front coil-overs are adjustable from 0-3'' currently riding around 1.5'' and works well for my uses. The rear has firestone riderite airbags along with an aftermarket brake controller in the center console area to provide excellent trailer towing capabilities, tows great! The truck has had custom bumpers and racks built all the way around. Front minimalist bumper with 3 rigid Q4s along with flush mount duallies for fogs, very sturdy bumper and very tight and slim. The side steps are custom built and very sturdy (welded on). Rear bumper is also very heavy duty and well built with some additional diffused back up lights that really help out when backing up on a trail at night. The bumper has two additional receiver hitches built in that were intended for an eventual motorcycle rack system that was never actually built. But could be used for a lot of great ideas. The bed rack is the result of some trial and error. It now works very well but isn't ideal for every situation such as loading gear into the bed or daily tent camping (open and closing tent). If I were to do it all over again I'd have a more simple bed rack with less steel for easier use of tent. Either way it is a nice setup that gets a lot of attention. The bed rack is built in two pieces so the back half can be removed (along with the tent) with 4 bolts. This makes it into a bed rail, headache rack, and roof tray which looks good as well. The tent rack portion has a back cross bar that along with the roof tray provides two secure spots to strap down a kayak. This is what this truck was mainly used for, getting to harder to get to fishing spots and camping in South Texas. Now I relocated to Miami and although with the Keys are just an hour away I feel the need to downsize. Although this will be getting used in the meantime. All of the bumpers, steps, and rack are raptor lined and it is coming off in the higher wear areas, need to reapply (will probably be done soon).

The truck currently sits at 110,000 miles. Has had absolutely no issues, well maintained and would not hesitate to take cross country. The only thing the truck needs is a good skid plate. The factory one is somewhat flimsy and frustrating to remove for oil changes, so I left it off a few thousand miles ago and never looked back. Although it never got abused to the point of needing one I always intended to buy the nice TRD aluminum unit that comes on the TRD PRO trucks. That or make my own. The trans was serviced at 95k or so and everything else is very clean and has no issues or problems to be aware of. The truck has a bullydog tuner that is not actually programmed, just simply there to provide additional monitoring capabilities. The interior is in good condition grey cloth with minor wear. It has the weather tech floor mats which are great. The steering wheel is worn on the top (1 o'clock) just from consistent cruising position, it was like this when I got it around 80k so I assume this is a common issue with tundras. Also the passenger rear inner door cab seal is torn on the bottom from loading stuff in and out. The part is about $100 from Toyota. The battery is less than a year old, everything else is ready to go. Body has it's share of nicks and scratches nothing major, will include pictures of most serious issues. Tent is an ARB Kakadu model that I have been very pleased with, lots of ventilation that has kept me and my wife very comfortable at night. Has been used 5-10 times no issues or wear. Has method aluminum wheels with mickey thompson aggressive all terrains. Great truck on to it's next adventure. Asking $25,000 as-is. Will remove tent for $1000 less.

Spec List:

2011 Tundra Crew Max 4x4 FlexFuel 5.7L
Icon Stage 1 Suspension Upgrade
Firestone RideRite Airbags in rear
Aftermarket brake controller
Custom built front bumper with 3 Q4 rigid lights and 2 flush mount Rigid Duallies
Custom built side steps (Weld on)
Custom built rear bumper with flush mount diffused rigid duallies
Custom built Bed rack with kayak and tent provisions, diffused rigid dually under tent for work light.
ARB Kakadu Roof top tent
Method Race wheels 17x9
Mickey Thompson ATZ 33'' Tires (50-60% left)
BullyDog Tuner
Will include nice adjustable B&W hitch w/ lock

Have clear Texas title in my name (will be Florida title soon)

More pictures to come

Please call, text, or email.
Cody - 305-916-1370



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These are all the areas of concern on the body. The tailgate has a couple of small dings, mostly from where one particular trailer would hit the tailgate when dropped. The others are minor scuffs and scratches. and the worst one is the dent below the passenger taillight.



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These pics show some of the interior wear which is mainly on the driver's seat. Just typical wear from getting in and out, not torn. Also you'll notice the pic of the dash where there are a couple of holes, this is where the brake controller was mounted and now I moved it (see other pic) to the center console area to get it out of the way. It turned out to be great, very easy to use in that spot that was useless anyways. Also notice the pic of the steering wheel, that is the 1 o'clock position where it is worn down, kinda weird, never had a vehicle do that before.

Oh and also you may notice my sweet TRD 6 speed shift knob! lol, don't worry it's completely reversible, not glued on or anything, the factory unit is in the console.



Nice looking Rig..!! I'm from Miami as well. Question, that beach picture, was it taken here in Florida..? Do you mind shearing the location..? Good luck with the Sale..!!!!


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Ya you wish! That's South Texas buddy! That beach has over 60 miles of drivable beach then you dead end at a jetty, one of the most isolated places you can go, then you have to turn around and drive all the way back. One way in, one way out.

So where's a good place to go exploring down here? Everglades?


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Hey guys really motivated to sell this truck, tows well, looks great, needs nothing. Makes for a decent camping rig that can do daily driver duties as well as tow a boat or trailer all day long. Looking for best offers. Will assist in delivering truck (driving, flying back) if needed.


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I am willing to work out a price drop/reimbursement for flights to come look/purchase truck. You pay for flight, I pick you up show you the truck and if we make a deal I take the cost of the flight off the agreed purchase price. Simple as that. I'd recommend flying down to Miami or Ft Lauderdale, make the deal on the truck and go for an extended trip down to the keys, several ocean front campgrounds to take advantage of, beautiful drive either way. Just did this last weekend, had a blast.



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Alright, final bump before this moves on to eBay. This really is a good deal and I'm surprised it doesn't have more interest. I'm hoping someone will act on it fast here on the portal, I would like for it to continue to get used in it's current format, but perhaps it will be more appealing to mass markets with the tent and rack removed and your basic daily tundra with lift and wheels. I think I'll give it another week or so before it hits eBay. Act quick while I'm still flexible.


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Soooo... I kept my Tundra, went on a few more fun trips on it and I'm back here, trying to sell it again. It's just too big for me, serves the purpose I need and then some. Really good compromise for someone who wants an expedition rig but needs to also tow trailers occasionally. Anyways I'm posting it back up for sale. New additions ARB Awning, small auxiliary water source (PVC tube) and side rail bike racks on each side of the bed. All easily removable. Please let me know if your interested and I'll provide more pics.





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