2011 Tundra Crewmax very mild lift (leveling)



First post, first thread, long time lurker, mostly over on Advrider, but I've been on here more and more since my recent rotator cuff surgery.

Things seem to changing for me..... with a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old my travels are becoming more and more 4 wheeled and waaaay less two wheeled. I am ok with it. This is my 4th Toyota truck, but my first full sized, been driving Toyotas since my Dad's 1974 Corolla (also had 3 Jeeps, a couple DRZ's, a Husaberg, one KTM990adv, and currently a DR650). SloWife runs a 2006 v8 4Runner with 130k miles, and she wants to see it hit 200k.

Anyway, as for my 2011 Tundra Crewmax,........it's a 4x4, 5.7, SR5, tow pkg, 50k trouble free miles, paid off. No TRD or anything fancy, pretty plain. It's bone stock except for a Magnaflow. I just want to level it out and give it a little better stance. I gotta keep it in family truckster mode as it is our main vacation mobile. It may see SW Colorado in 2017 (Ouray).

My thoughts are this:

Bilstein 5100's on the front to adjust and bring up the front a little, I already got for free brand new factory TRD Bilsteins for the rear (yellow with the blue boot), and then some new BFG ko2's (285/65r18's, stock is 275/65, so just 10mm taller).

I do have to watch height, I only have 6 inches or so to play with, otherwise it won't fit in my suburbanite garage.

If things go well maybe a RRT over the bed someday, maybe a Flippac???? (Then it will have to sit outside)

I am more of a Tacoma guy and we discussed dumping it for one, but I don't want car payments again, at least not for awhile........

Experiences/opinions??????........and thx for reading.
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Based on reviews and personal opinions I would skip the Bilstein 5100's and go with a full ARB old man emu set up. They are great quality and offer many options that allow you to customize to your needs. After lots of reading on tundra talk.net and here they seem to be the best out there. Its what I plan on putting on my truck when I have the funds.

Check out tundra talk.net for lots of excellent info on our tundras.

You will love the tundra and be happy with the extra space of the tacoma. Remember that the best kind of truck is the one thats paid for! plus there are just too many modded tacos out there to be an original!


6" height is a 35" tire and 3" lift. you have plenty to play with.

Bilstein is the easy way to go to get a simple level and a tiny bit better ride. But its not going to impress you in any way, and its certainly not going to dampen the ride or soak up any bumps. Its just a gas charged shock with a stiffer spring. The rears off the TRD are about the same. That said, they will level it and be fine, but a bit harsh, on dirt roads.
Like posted above, OME makes a decent basic suspension that will have a much better ride tuned for the Tundra.
Or, if you are really out using your truck, i would suggest maybe even stepping it up a couple notches and considering a kit from Camburg, TC, King, ICON etc.. You aren't getting crazy until you go LT, it will still drive like stock and only have a mild less than 3" lift unless you push it. The ride will be MUCH better on washboard and mild rutted roads.

Its akin to having my stock OEM crf450x suspension, or having the same suspension valved, coated, and dialed for me by RaceTech. Both will get me there, but one is WAY more fun and feels great doing it.

Have fun, and post up some pics!!!!

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I went with the middle ground between bilstein 5100's and kings/icon on the front. Ended up choosing bilstein 6112's, they seem to ride pretty smooth and soak up medium to large bumps with no issues.


Awesome and thx.......I been looking all this stuff up. I had no idea there were this many options to look at.....

Love this site. I will work on pics, I am pretty sad when it comes to computers, don't know how to post pics.......I just figured out how to copy/paste.

So bummed I missed the Overland gathering here in Pennsylvania a short time ago, didn't know about it, would've liked to see some gear up close and first hand.....
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