2011 nissan frontier pro4x mild expedition build


Hello, my name is Tom and I am new to the forums here and have been very impressed with the lack of internet bashing over here vs some other forums, so here I am!

A little about myself, I am 29 and am active duty Coast Guard, and after a two year stint of driving fast cars I have come back to my original love, which is 4wd. I started with an 1989 Jeep XJ Pioneer which I got for 900 bucks. I was 18 and knew very little about anything mechanical, and being in college and working full time, I was more interested in just keeping it running, let alone the funding to actually make it awesome. To this day I still miss that Jeep, it had the 4.0 5 speed with 3.07s in the rear, but I though it was the balls! Anyways maybe later, I'll get another one. I'll see if I can dig up some old pics. After that came a 1998 ford ranger xl longbed. That thing now that I think about it would have been the perfect over landing vehicle! It had the 3.0 in it, which was called the "roach" cause you really couldn't kill it. It had 31's mounted and had plenty of room to stuff the tires, the floor was vinyl and had crank windows, 3.55's in the rear end.

At this point I had gained a little more knowledge in the fine art of auto motive care, unfortunately the check book was still tight, so I really didn't do much. At that point, I was going through a lot of life changes, I was finishing with college and enlisting in the Coast Guard, so I really wasn't concerned with anything vehicle wise, as I had some HUGE life altering events coming up. After I got out of boot camp and was making less then I did before I joined :Wow1: I finally made rank and made the jump over to the import scene, so I did what any normal guy would do who just came across a rather large dispensable income with little to no financial responsibility, I bought a brand new 2009 mazdaspeed 3, and immediately got a full cold air intake, top mount inter cooler, suspension, short throw shifter, rims, tires computer tune and new turbo and fuel pump, did all the work myself and had a ball doing it, did a couple races and realized it didn't suit my lifestyle of just being outside and mountain biking and such, so I sold it and that brings me to where I am now with my 2011 pro4x. Once I get stationed out in Port Angeles, I will start my build but anyways here are some pics of some off roading the other day.

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Nice truck. We had a 2000 crew cab frontier that gave us 150000 trouble free miles. Wish I never sold it.

Enjoy yours.


The stock bf goodies, are pretty close to terrible so I am going to be getting some new meats here in a couple of days. I am leaning towards destination AT's in the stock size and load range. I really think the dura tracs are too much for what I need now.


Pretty close to terrible.. hahaha. That's exactly right. I hated those tires on my Xterra and also on my Frontier. Check out the Cooper Discoverer A/T3s. I've got about 5k miles on mine so far and they are awesome (also running stock size and load, mpg was not hurt at all). I ran them on my old 4Runner and was very pleased.


The stock bf goodies, are pretty close to terrible so I am going to be getting some new meats here in a couple of days. I am leaning towards destination AT's in the stock size and load range. I really think the dura tracs are too much for what I need now.
Consider Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors.... they are certainly better than the Dest ATs but not as aggressive as the Dura Tracs.
520 treadwear rating, Kevlar banding for rugged and quiet, special rubber compounds in sidewalls to resist abrasion and stone puncture.
I've had them on two trucks and really liked them as an on/off road tire


Thanks all for the comments, :) Don't worry the truck will be done proper when I get out the PNW. As with the silent armor's I am just going based on the reviews on tire rack, the Desti ATs are at the top.


kept the stock size for now, we will see what things look like when I get to the PNW. As for mud traction, I am thinking of chains.

All this storage place is just giving me ideas for racks, fridges on board air, the works.
What I am initially thinking is putting in a piece of plywood and anchoring it to the factory installed rack and then on top of that I can built drawers or a place to install my TRED's when they get in. I plan on putting a 3 gal roto pax on the right side near the rear of the cab.

I plan on putting another die hard platinum right there and have the wire run though that grommet. I still have no decided on running either a deep cycle or just two of the same type. If I go with the same battery it is going to be a very simple dual battery setup, most likely not even isolated.

Front bumper I am really leaning towards the ARB, I just have heard so many other issues with fitment and finish with other brands, TAG, Shorckworks Calmini, you name it. I also like the idea it retains the factory airbag sensors. The only thing I was really liking the TAG was for the integrated receiver hitch, so then I could just hook up my winch either in the front or back depending on the situation, then take it off when its not needed.


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Tom, nice truck I was just at the dealer picking up some parts and I just had to stick my head in the new frontiers. They are soooo nice; the pro4x is a dream truck. You 2nd gen guys don't know a bad tire like the General Grabber HT that came on our trucks; they make the stock BFG look aggressive.
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Thank you! Yes the pro 4 is a nice truck and I am happy I went with it because it makes the daily drive very comfortable and with a few choice mods it is a very capable off roader.

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