"2011 four winds only 19 feet long premium condition" Warning, Rust Issues.

As of Friday, August. 13, 2021 The following vehicle is for sale on Craigslist in N. California.

I am placing this notice here as the seller kept mentioning that he had a " buyer from Arizona that wanted to convert it to 4WD" ???

-I currently own a 2011 E350 SRW Adventure 19RB with over 180,000miles. ( Same Ford Cutaway. )
-Still runs great, but I though it might be a good opportunity to move to a lower millage unit.

*****Below are the only public comments that I will make on this vehicle or the seller.*****

-I viewed this vehicle for purchase on Thursday. August. 12, 2021. based on the vehicle's underside including the frame, I chose to walkaway.

-I advised the seller of the rust conditions that I observed and that they should tell any future buyer of this issue.

-Any person that may wish to purchase this vehicle should have this vehicle inspected or understand how to deal with rust issues.

-Pictures submitted were taking on the date of my visit.

Please feel free to pass this notice along to any site that may notify other buyers.

CC: https///findbyplate.com/US/CA/8TQZ914/