2010 Tundra Build “TRD Ferguson”

Well I finally caved and sold my trusty 1997 Land Cruiser after 7 awesome years of ownership. New owner picks it up tomorrow.

The replacement is a new to me 2010 Tundra Trd Off Road. Bought it with 126k on it and in really good shape.
It already has 295/70/18 Cooper Stt Pros on it and a Toytec Eibach 2.5” lift and Toytec boss rear shocks.

This build won’t be as off off road worthy as my old 80. MAYBE sliders, definitely a
Skid plate and bed liner. This will be a get to the trail head rig and tow rig for our 17’ camper. Also I will be leaving it as it and taking an approach of what do I need as opposed to the outfit everything approach I took with my 80 series.

I will update as I get to know this new rig.

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Nice truck.

If it was me I'd do sliders. That low hanging sheet metal, wheel base and limited travel IFS waiting to bite you that one time you push it that little bit too far. But been there, done that already, so now I'm always worried about it. :)
Nice looking truck. I think this was a good choice.
with the lift and tire combo you have on now, you will be rater surprised just how many places you can get that truck as is. Honestly, the biggest challenge is width and length. That thing will be night and day in terms of towing the trailer with it as well. the 5.7 is such an awesome motor as long as you not asking it to yank 10 K around all day long, it does surprisingly well with the smaller trailers. I am not sure where you live, but if it is snow country and or you carry chains, make sure you dont chain up the front end on these truck. The clearance just isnt there to do it well with out major risk of damage. Not sure what toyota was thinking with that one. Buddy of mine learned that the hard way on one of fleet rigs in Utah out in the high desert when the damage was done and he was stuck stuck till spring thaw. Nice truck, enjoy !


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@cdthiker, what was damaged when he chained up? I've run front chains on my truck once but I'm using 235/85R16 so I'm also a couple of inches narrower and an inch or so taller than stock. I can fit a fist between any components and my tire. But always curious if there's something I overlooked, like ripping an ABS wire or brake line that seems fine sitting on a jack stand in the garage. As it is I'm close to taking out my fenders when turning so my chains need to be snugged right, so I kind of figured that was maybe why Toyota recommendation.

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Set up the brake controller tonight and did a quick test run. Holy $hit this thing tows much better!

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Good looking setup! The 5.7 will drag that trailer around no problem. Might even get better mpg than the 80 series while doing it.
IIRC, you can add the factory Toyota monitor (mpg, eta) for about $90. It was only available from the factory on limited models, but the harness is on all the trucks.

Might be a nice addition to the scangauge
You have a link for this?

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Went to a local spring shop and got a quote to rebuild/beef up the rear leaves and get rid of the block set up. $550 out the door. Just gotta save up!

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