2010 Sportsmobile Ford E350

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Good research Mtaa/ol6250
End result is very nice, but $69,000,,,,no.


Those who are active on both SMB forum and here, are pretty familiar with this van, or at least I am I remember when it came up on Copart. They did a really good job on bring this thing back from the dead. Is it worth 69K, only the market will answer that... would I pay 69K, no as you can't insure this van for any value with a salvage title. But that being said I've seen people jump at stuff like this as well, so who knows and you don't know unless you try... To me a salvage vehicle is work 50-70% less than if it has a good title so there's that scenario as well. Be interesting to see what happens.


I like it quite a bit, but the whole rollover does scare me somewhat. Ironically my original dream expo vehicle was going to be a 4x4 van, but I've gone back and forth as one might be able to see from my vehicles! Original van I bought to convert was a 1980 Transvan! Had a few vans, a few RV's and some works in progress but never seem to be able get anything completely finished! So I'm currently using my 2006 Tiger CX for my rig until it sells and forces me to do something else. I love the dream and thought of building one out but honestly I don't think I could do as nice of a job as many I've seen do on here!