2010 Frontier Pro4x build

Thanks guys. I finished wiring up the lights and a power inverter. I also mounted a backup camera.

The lights on the back and the camera are powered by auxiliary battery through a relay that's triggered by either shifting into reverse or the factory cargo light switch on the dash.

The OME suspension is on the FedEx truck for delivery today!!


Very cool build so far! Everything is done with a purpose and not just for looks (although it looks awesome!) I can't wait to see it with the lift and tires.
Excellent build...you lucked out finding that "used" Flippac

I will be waiting to see what it looks like with the STmaxx's
I used the foot mount adapters. The suspension got held up but arrives tomorrow. I'll try to get to it quickly but I picked up another dog today which will have me sleep deprived. An 11 week female Belgian Mal.

I also started designing a heated external shower . Nothing worse than your dog rolling in something dead just as your packing up to leave.


I decided to go the simple route for the shower. I ordered an atv spot sprayer tank. It has an integrated pump so all I'll have to do is wire it up and change the sprayer to a more shower friendly version. If my measurements are right I should be able to shoe horn it into the spot next to the drawer, behind the wheel well. I also bought a zodi zip.
...The suspension got held up but arrives tomorrow. I'll try to get to it quickly...
I am very curious to see some pics and hear about your experience with the OME suspension.

Mine has been on backorder for a few weeks because of the 608 heavy load springs (due to the extra weight from my bumper and winch). Based on my recent followup with Nisstec I now expect it to be delivered very soon.

I can't wait to see more of your progress especially with the new suspension and tires. So far everything on your truck looks really nice. Keep it up!
I did some small things like hardwired my Garmin and added another 12v plug in the cab. I started installing the shower tank. It just barely fit. I need to figure out how to support the cover and keep it removable. Going to the Indy 500 this weekend and will be truck camping so hopefully I can wrap it up this week.


Excellent setup. I have similar King Cab Nismo addition and have been planning to install a few things. There is some space under carriage where you can install an ARB air compressor etc. i liked the dual battery setup. Did you had to mess with the alternator at all?

Thanks in advance
The external shower is done. I'm really happy with how it came out. I have a zodi water heater if needed but gear and dogs won't require that so I didn't see the point in adding complexity and weight. I topped it off with a rubber mat.

MSK..I didn't upgrade the alternator. I ran the aux battery down playing with stuff and running the flood lights most of the night. Once on the road it charged quickly.

Next little shake down will be truck camping at the Indy 500 this weekend!


Thanks. I will watch the Indy on TV as Alonso is driving for Andretti. I am a big fan of Formula one and he did pretty good considering the high speeds here at Indy.