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I am about to place an order for 8 200AH Calb lifepo4 batteries. They are relatively cheap but I have heard nothing but good from Calb so anyhow would anyone be interested in some as well? They come out to be around 200$ per 200Ah module you can pick them up here in Surprise AZ or I can ship them. No money upfront and I'd prefer the pickup method.
thats cheap...do they have a built in BMS system? Over-voltage protection? Low voltage cut-off or low temp cut off...or they just dumb cells. You better be very careful with those or the you can add the cost of your vehicle/camper to the $200.00

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They are just the Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells. I should have mentioned that I have a background in engineering and plan to setup a Bms and a peltier powered heater/ cooler for the pack that I am building. Basically if they get too cold power is applied to the peltier and it gets hot, and even though I do not see it happening just incase if they slowly heat up to their limit a reversed current will be applied cooling the batterie pack. Should the heat spike suddenly the whole system will be cut off via a large breaker. While there is some concern regarding overdrawing current and causing bus bars etc to melt compared to Li-on, Lifepo4 are relatively safe and can take some abuse.
Yes they are cheap but they are straight from the factory.
Should anyone be interested I can do a review of the cells like capacity measurement and self discharge over a couple months.
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Peltier elements are really not efficient as a cooling device, but quite good as a heating device (versus a heating blanket). But that feature seems like a gimmick unless you live in really cold weather. As a fellow electrical engineer, I'd say do not reinvent the wheel and look at diyelectriccar or endless-sphere for proven and reliable BMS. The technology is already available, create something else :)

Good luck with the purchase! I was also looking for those 10 years ago when I was planning an electric car conversion. Now, it no more makes sense as the OEMs provide adequate propositions (Thinking Chevy Bolt, here)