2008 Xterra Offroad Build

CoastalDefender's '08 Xterra OffRoad build thread

Well, at this point I think I should "format" it like the rest. :)

OWNER: Stephanie (my wife)
LOCATION: Washington State Coast

YEAR: 2008
MAKE: Nissan
MODEL: Xterra Off Road Edition

ENGINE: 4.0lt. V6
TRANSMISSION: 5-Speed automatic

ScanGaugeII w/ Blendmount
Rear Diff Breather extension
Raingler Cargo Barrier Net
2 Degree Timing Advance

Shrockworks Rear Bumper
Shrockworks Front Bumper
Shrock Skids
Shrock Sliders
T-MAX EW-10000W winch
Second set of stock wheels
Flowmaster 50 Series SUV muffler
LED Tail Lamps
HID Headlamps

(Original Post follows)
Well, drove back from the dealer today with our new '08 Offroad X.

Pics forthcoming when it gets light out. :)
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:archaeolo Don't forget the second glove box, above the first

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I will be watching this one! We just put our first thousand miles on our 08 X-terra Offroad. For now its the wifes DD, but one day the mods will start!
Aformentioned pics!

First Mod-

Also installed a K&N air filter and a fisheye mirror on each side mirror.

Future (immediate) mods-
Install the CB/Coax/Mount/Antenna
Paint the wheels black

Things ahead of us-
Shrockworks Front/Rear Tire Carrier/Sliders/Skids
Dean/Cooper M/T 265/75R16
3" Front and rear lift (I'll figure out exactly which later)
ScangaugeII w/ Blendmount

And an idea I have for the "trunk" is to figure out a way to mount a 2nd battery and air compressor.

And of course the appropriate Girlie Offroad stickers. Hibiscus flower, "INFIDEL", "Silly Boys, 4X4's are for Girls", and "Jeep Recovery Vehicle" are ones she's been interested in getting.

I also decided when I upgrade the suspension, add in stainless brake lines, and replace the brakes with R1 Concepts premium, I'm going to paint her calipers bright pink. :bike_rider: (She doesn't know this yet, but she'll love it).

So, if you all would, raise a glass tonight to another vehicle being purchased to be used as it's designed. :beer:


I love my 07 Xterra Offroad. My next project will be a second battery. My plan is to remove the back seat and put it in the middle. This will keep the weight centered and then build storage. I am going to use the National Luna dual battery setup with an Odyssey 2150 battery. Good luck you have a great looking X.
2K54X4 said:
Very nice! Now go take a picture on a rock or something "off roady". :)
It's the wife's rig, and her one request for the beginning is for the bank to acknowledge the Loan and post it to our account before I get it dirty. :)

Lame, I realize, and lots of bantering back and forth (I WANT TO GET IT DIRTY!!!), but it's technically her rig, and I must bow to her wishes the same way she did mine regarding my Fronty.

Rest assured, we're going to get her filthy and post pics. :ar15:
Purchases this week/end. Pics when they're installed.

-ScanGaugeII w/ Blendmount
-Raingler Xterra cargo barrier net

Though they're not as sexy as some other mods, they're priority for the dog and understanding what future mods do to the mileage and power of the vehicle. :)
New Mod!!!

Rear Diff breather extension

Took 7ft of 3/16" fuel line, two hose clamps, a rear diff breather (straight-shot), and an "air stone" (aquarium stores).

The stock "one-way" breather creates a negative pressure in the rear axle and is dangerous in water-crossings. It also gets clogged easily. This is epidemic in both the C200 and M226 axles, as the one-way breather is the same on both.

So I got a straight-shot "breather" from Olympia Nissan, the fuel line from an auto-parts store, and the air-stone for the end of it from a local aquarium store ($.99/2).

Breather- $2.35
7ft 3/16" fuel line- $1.15/ft
Hose Clamps- $.55/ea
AirStone- $.50
Total- $12

However, I did it to both my wife's X w/ an M226 axle, and my Fronty w/ the C200 axle, so the actual cost was like $25. Install was painless and simple on both.

Size 14 metric to take off the original, size 12 metric for the replacement breather. Zip tie enough slack to the fuel line, run the top end up to the rear passenger tail light, stick the airstone on it, and clamp it down. Ta da! Easy as pie.

I could have taken more pics, but did only the one. You can see a lot more pics in this thread- http://thenewx.org/forum/showthread.php?t=54

Breather installed, fuel line, hose clamp.


did you have any problems getting it to thread. When I did my C200, I had to freeze the replacement breather to fit correctly (shrink the metal)
No problems threading, and cranking it on was no biggie.

I also froze both of them before install. In fact, I pulled the first on before we got started and had it in my pocket. By the time we had the 1-way valve off and ready to tighten the new one, it had warmed up. I swapped it for the one in the freezer. It was tight, but we cranked on it until it was flush. No biggie, and no threads showing.

The X went a lot faster than the Fronty because we did it second and knew what to expect. :)