2008 Nissan Pathfinder V8 Overland Build-Sleeping Platform, Sink, Sprayer...

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Hello all, long time lurker here. Figured it was a good time to start my build thread! Before this I had a 2010 Ford Ranger budget build to try the truck platform and really wanted to go back to the SUV. As previous to the Ranger I built a 2006 Xterra S model that was just too slow in the CO mountains with 35's and 4.10's. So I felt a great compromise would be the V8 pathfinder.... other than 3 aspects. 1, the roof rack does not go to the windshield, but is shorter due to sunroof. 2, the limitations on gearing being a 3.36 option without SAS'n the rear end. And finally the rear IFS. I felt with my previous knowledge of the platform, my interests leaning more toward camping and overlanding, along with towing in the mountains; this would be a great option for me.

Finally, I like to build all kinds of things and currently have a handful of projects. Here are some pictures of my current and past builds.
20031708_10100958987443436_632267003041166725_n.jpg 20046286_10100958987483356_3177888979193680467_n.jpg 20046845_10100958987393536_2404531407373286053_n.jpg 20156082_10100962842727416_5876512842782135449_n.jpg 20525667_10100971088487846_1079338179315000457_n.jpg 20626260_10100977648296936_4589924462531954558_o.jpg 12074954_10100531710175506_5099244737875771282_n.jpg 12080274_10100532493455806_967841453519622356_o.jpg 12112343_10100532017489646_8411388363160243935_n.jpg 12119114_10100531710125606_8761444100897748564_n.jpg
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Project V8 Powahhhh

2008 Nissan Pathfinder LE
5.6 L V8
310 hp @ 5200 rpm
388 ft-lbs. @ 3400 rpm
2.91 Gearing w/ Open DIffs.

~Volant CAI
~CFS Aluminum Radiator Flush/Fill
~Matic S Transmission Flush/Fill
~Matic D Transfer Case Flush/Fill
~Royal Purple Differential Flush/Fill
~NGK Iridium DILFR5A11 Plugs
~Belt Tensioner, Belt, Cabin Filters
~Fuel Gauge Sending Unit
~1.5" Wheel Spacers
~Brunton Solar Trickle Charger
~NissTec Lifts MK84 Lift
MK84 Coilovers / 1" Spacers
F/R Stainless Brake Lines
OME Rear Shocks
OME Rear Lift Springs
SPC Front Cam Bolts

At 100K
~BF Goodrich KO2 265/70/18
~Aluminum Hefty Fab Skid Plate Set
~3 - 20" Single Row Super Bright LED (Not Installed)
~30" Single Row Super Bright LED (Not Installed)
~270 Degree Awning w/ Walls (Not Installed)
~Flush Mount Aluminum Roof Rack (In Process)
~Sliders (In Process)

~Pull out kitchen sink and cooking platform
~Bed Platform

Next Up...
~3.36 Gears
~Front Air Locker w/ Compressor
~Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier Fuel Option
~Front Bumper w/ Winch
~Hot Water System
~Cajun B-Pipes Header Back Exhaust w/ UpRev
~Dual Battery
2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg
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