2008 Long Travelled FJ Cruiser in NE OK


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2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser
Mileage: 45,XXX
Drivetrain: 4.0L 1GRFE 239HP 276 FTLB Torque
2nd owner, purchased in June 2009 with 6,2XX miles
Vehicle placed into service January 1, 2009.
No Accidents, clean and clear title in hand.
Stock electronic rear diff lock and ATRAC work great.
I have kept a booklet of oil changes, gas fill-ups, mileage, and modifications that will go to the new owner. Spark plugs are original as I saw no reason to change them at 30K.* They can be changed prior to purchase if that is your desire.

Vehicle Upgrades/Modifications
5 Firestone Destination A/T’s (285/70/17 w/ ~29,000 miles) on the factory 17” wheels ($1000)
5 Hankook MT’s (295/75/16 ~33.5” w/ ~8,000 miles) on TRD Ivan Stewart 16” rims (rock rash IS present, extra rim available) ($1000 + $1300)
Metal-Tech front tub bumper with winch mount ($750)
Four piece Budbuilt Stainless skidplates (some bends and bruises) ($1200)
2 Frogs Racing rear lower links ($500)
Metal-Tech FJ Cruiser sliders ($600)
Allpro FJ Cruiser sliders circa 2009 (not on truck)
Smittybuilt XRC8 winch with synthetic line ($380)
PIAA driving lights (currently not wired, come with harness, one broken light guard) ($200)
Dirty Parts duel battery kit + 1 year old Optima battery (wired and works great) ($400 + 180)
TRD CAI ($300)
Tuffy console insert ($200)
Husky floor mats (cargo & front only) ($100)
Toyota all-weather mats (all rows) ($250)
Rear mount for C02 tank + tank (The Source 10# $250)
Safari snorkel ($300)
Plastic fender flare delete
Total Chaos +2” Long Travel kit* ($4000)
Uniball UCA’s
New LCA’s
Limit Straps
Bump stop extensions
Tie-rod extensions
2” wider CV axles (1 spare included $250, needs boot replaced)
Spindle gussets
Alignment tab gussets
Sway Away 8” travel reservoir coil-overs* ($950)
Icon 2” springs to provide lift ($150)
KING double bypass remote reservoir 2.5” rear shocks ($1250)

Total value of upgrades = $15,260
KBB value of the rig sans modifications = $24XXX - $25XXX

The rig is used so please bear in mind that some items are not 100% factory showroom condition.* Below is a list of any and all blemishes.
- Chip in paint on hood (approximately ¼” x 3/8”) from a rock that broke the original windshield
- Pinstriping exists on both sides of the vehicle however it’s hard to see due to the color (minor compared to others I have seen)
- Stock rear bumper has some bruises/scrapes and the rear valence was once ripped off
- Rear cargo area has a few rub marks in the plastic
- Traditional very small rock chips on the front end from highway travel

I realize that the full value of any modification will never be realized in a sale so in an effort to make it easy I am asking $30,100 OBO for the vehicle in it’s current state with everything above included.* That’s less than 40% for the cost of all items not including any installation charges; a pretty good deal IMHO.* This is a difficult pill to swallow for some since it’s still a large sum of money.* With that in mind I will also part out certain items after an initial interest period for the complete truck.* If we do go the parting out route, please note that prices will not be 40% of purchase price, they will be around the going rate for them used.

Prices below are for individual items:
5 Hankook MT’s (295/75/16 ~33.5”) + 6 Ivan Stewart 16” wheels = $1450
Metal-Tech front bumper w/ winch mount = $600 FJCF 1. Chris Delancy 2. robbininthehood
Budbuilt stainless 4 piece skidplates = $800
2 Frogs Racing rear lower links = $375
Metal-Tech FJ Cruiser sliders = $450
Allpro FJ Cruiser sliders (need paint) = $200 FJCF dumpinthegutter
Smittybuilt XRC8 winch with synthetic line = $250 FJCF robbininthehood
PIAA driving lights (one broken light guard) = $150 FJCF robbininthehood
TRD CAI = $200 dumpinthegutter
Tuffy console insert = $165
Husky floor mats (cargo & front only) = $75
Safari snorkel + your Sun Fusion fender & A-piller (We swap and you get a snorkel for $100) = $100
Extra +2" axle = FJCF Chris Delancy
Total Chaos +2” Long Travel kit
I can swap you the entire front end kit including gusseted spindles and cv’s but I will need your stock, in good condition, parts as a replacement.* $2600 without coil-overs, $3200 with coil-overs.
Icon 2” rear springs = $75
KING double bypass remote reservoir 2.5” rear shocks = $1100 (These have less than 2,000 miles)

Once the parting out process has begun please allow time for the items to be removed.* If the front suspension is sold I will have to remove the rear lift/shocks and replace with stock as well in order to keep it in driving condition.

Shipping on smaller items is easy and on your dime, larger items like the bumper, tires, skids, sliders is very difficult and expensive so I’ll refrain for now. I'm located in Northeast Oklahoma, about 40 minutes North of Tulsa, 74006.

I can be reached via PM, telephone (nine one 8 - 3 nine seven - 3 one zero 3), or email (smrohrs at gmail.com) :cheers:
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