2007 Tacoma rattle at low RPM??


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I have a noise coming from my Tacoma (2007 DC) that I'm having a hard time pinning down. I thought maybe someone here could help.

I used to notice a buzz at low RPM that sounded like one of the heat shields on the exhaust was loose. I was always going to look at it, but it didn't bother me bad enough to make it a priority.

That buzz has now developed into (or been covered up by) a full blown rattle. It happens only at low RPMs, and sound like it is coming from somewhere under the passenger floorboard. The sound is a low-pitch, throaty rattle similar to what the exhaust pipe rattling against the composite bed would sound like.

I've crawled around underneath the thing, and can't find anything loose that would appear to be the culprit.

Any suggestions or experience here would be much appreciated.

PS: I seem to remember someone posting about a heat shield rattling on thier truck, but a forum search turned up nada.


I have a heat shield rattle, mainly at startup/idle, heat shield on the cat. It's not really low and throaty being thin metal. You did a good check of the shield attached to the underside of the floor too?
A cat itself can rattle inside when it is going bad but I doubt that is the case on your truck, given its age.
If it rattles at a cold start, reach under while its rattling and zero in on it that way. You can have a broom stick or whatever ready to touch what you think is rattling to see if it stops.


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Thanks for the reply.

I also had a tinny rattle that I think was coming from a heat shield, but either it has developed into this new noise, or it is being covered up by it.

I checked all of the heat shields attached to the cab and bed, I didn't see one on the cat. I'll have look.

It looks like some folks have had some noise due to a loose intake tube. I'll check that out when I get home from work.

And because I know it is poor form to not post a picture of one's rig:

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Check the air intake where it passes thru the inside of the fender. The late Tacoma's are notorious for intermittent vibrations there, It can be deep and travels right back on the fender. Mine did! :sombrero: