2007 Sequoia...aka The BigTree


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Nice job. I'm 6'4" and the Sequoia is extremely roomy and comfortable for me. Just a dab too thirsty for city use.

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Would you mind posting a picture of how the vehicle sits with the 255/80r17s if you have some? Thinking about this size for a first gen tundra.

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Did you run the 255s on the Bilstiens? Need to do any clearancing or body mount modifications? I believe the Sequoias have the same front ends as the DC Tundras and I'm strongly leaning towards 255s when I pull the trigger on tires/suspension in the spring.


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Current mood.... sold off the Baja Rack and lights waiting for someone to make a full length t slot rack.
Probably going with amber LP9’s on the front bumper. So if anyone has the hook up let me know.
Hopefully get some time to call Brute Force Fab for some rock sliders.
Took off the 35’s went back to 255/80R17 RidgeGrapplers on 4Runner wheels it just looses to much power I feel with 35’s without regear.
Still have the eBay snorkel 100 series kit to install.3CDC5797-CF20-4866-9037-05B6591C5C17.jpeg
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