2007 Pajero shorty build thread


Continuing on with the build, due to adding dual spares the rear door looked terrible. so I have to fix that

Looks terrible, holes, and pressings:

Chop chop time:



Due to added weight I have had to upgrade my rear springs. basically I set the wagon up as a weekend warrior so it was never meant to hold this weight. So I got a set of efs 50mm lift 500kg constant springs to install

Also with the chip I have had my bypass open a few times so got a blocker:

And finally, a little more fuel storage:



Great work on the bumper/swingouts. I love it! if you don't mind, where did you source the brake light/turn indicators?

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Well the pressure is on to finish the rig. its got an adventure planned.

I started with upgrading the rear suspension.

I got some EFS coils which were a bust as per photo:

So I went by to my tried and true Dobinsons, these are 250kg constant load for a lwb or a fully prepped shorty.
Thats heaps better:

Engine is getting some work done, new alternator, resealing the intake and making a new egr block, I also have a catch can and water seperator to install still.

And the wiring never ends, hooking up the LED light bar, the winch is getting hard wired into a switch for easier use, and I have hooked up the dual battery system link kit. more photos when its all cleaned up


The work continues. suspension is in and looking great, along with the jerry can holder.
I can now carry about 160L which covers me for 1000kms regardless of terrain. or 1500 of highway at 95-100ish.

Also the electrical, new stereo installed, the ebay unit was killing the battery so now I have cleaned all that **** wiring up and installed a kenwood deck.


And some poser shots:



Continuing on with the build... more and more electrical. at least its all done now. basically the winch is now on a switch, battery controller switch is in the cab to. I have also wired in usb charging ports and a setup to charge my drone batteries. along with a new stereo.

Inside the tent got lights and 2 usb charging ports.

Exit point for all power:

Fridge redone in heavier cable:

Engine got its secondary fuel filter reinstalled, and a catch can, along with a full service.

And I found a spacecase for storage in the back for clothing and also acts as a barrier.



Well... I did a thing. well first ill mention I weighed it. it was gonna be sitting at about 2950kg fully loaded with both passengers. and I wasnt to happy with that so out came all the storage setup, the drawers were worth 100kg, and I went back to my old school false floor, it raised the fridge up quite high, but at the same time I gained a massive amount of room due to using all the dead space. even had room for the tred trax inside. I figure if I can get to 2850 I will be very happy.

And as a bonus you can now recline the seats. its win win in every sense. so dont be afraid to start again if required.



Getting there. more progress for today. also removed the tow bar and got my reverse sensors fixed up. wooooo

Thats a nice weight savings:


The small update, car is basically 100% mechanically ready, just waiting on wheel spacers to arrive.

Got an alignment, made sure to load it up first. there are 350kg of bricks at or behind the rear axle. pretty happy with the outcome for next to no pressure in the bags, 5psi maybe just to stop them from rubbing.

Shovel mount fitted and roof top box test fit:

And thats a wrap for modifications.

Onto packing and cleaning


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