2007 CHEVROLET KODIAK C4500 awd w/manual locking hubs


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When I spoke with TAC, they said it needs to be a company with a valid DOT license to take it off the lot and avoid the 7.7% sales tax.


Great idea

I forgot

Before I went to Colorado to pick up mine I bought the Good Sams plan and the trip interruption 6 mo trial for $179
If something happens they would tow the unit home and pay for rental car and hotels

Something else to consider


I’ll look into that
Thanks for the suggestion
I had progressive commercial before.
Good sams did the Ambo as an RV??


Good news is that NYS will honor the tax paid to California!!
I don’t mind paying tax, just not twice for a few hundred miles in the state.


Well that’s good to hear! You’re going to need that $ for diesel driving cross country. At least it’s cheaper now. Should be a fun drive. I have no idea how these things handle the highway. Like a big moving truck? Does it have cruise control? I miss big road trips, it’s been awhile.


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Congratulations! It is always great to have another Kodiak in the crowd.
If they are an 'official' dealer (I am guessing they are being an auction company), they will need a Bill of Laden from a licensed transport company showing it will leave the state on their transport. So a local 'tow' company towing it off the lot and around the corner will not work.


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Stupid CA and the stupid taxes, tired of this state.

On the other hand, awesome find! Stoked for the build.

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they will need a Bill of Laden from a licensed transport company showing it will leave the state on their transport. So a local 'tow' company towing it off the lot and around the corner will not work.
I wonder how many CA tow companies have a “state line special”?!


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When I used to live in northern California, many of the dealers (even the official dealerships) would deliver vehicles to southern Oregon (a no sales tax state) no charge to make the sale, if that is where it was going to be registered. They did it with drivers, not on transports, so somehow that must be allowed? I've had a 'smaller' dealer in California, drop off the car I bought at a local to him shopping mall as the 'truck driver wanted lots of room to load', and they just accepted a copy of the Bill of Laden that it was leaving the state on a transport <wink-wink>. YMMV


Sounds like all those places where you show out of state ID to buy fireworks that you’re “definitely” taking out of state...!


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I run a car dealership in CA and the rules are pretty simple.

1. have it driven by an agent of the seller out of state (unlikely they’ll do this)
2. Transport/tow it out of state and the wheels don’t touch the ground. Usually the seller has to control the bill of lading to ensure it’s not driven around the corner and dropped as someone pointed out above.
3. ***easiest route. Obtain a “one way permit” from the CA dmv. This allows the buyer to drive away and pay tax at their intended state and register there too. It has a time limit and needs to be respected or pay big fines. These are easy and most sellers can issue you one. I could for example if we sold it to you. $125~ for this.

cheers! Good luck with your new toy


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Yeappers. NY and CA have reciprocity when it comes to taxes. Just like when I bought a rig at a dealer in Nevada. You dont get double taxed.


I brought my 79 MB400 back from CA. The one way trip permit was $20. It had no expiry date. It was valid as long as you were heading towards the final destination you wrote in on the back of the permit. So I made sure to go to my local inspection shop on the way home to get that paperwork done.

No other fees in CA. Even though the tags were out of date.

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Where do you live? I buy and sell a few big rigs every year. Right before Covid I was seeing 1.60 to 1.70 per mile via Uship. You will get an even better deal going direct with a broker or trucking company of good repute. Not sure what shipping costs are doing now but fuels is cheap. I always recommend this option if it's in the budget. Fixing a fried hub in Peach Springs AZ on a weekend can get expensive quick and can involve such pleasures as bus rides to LV and flights home and back. Not fun. Ask me how I know. Be sure to properly value your time. You are almost certain to have at least one issue once you show up. Can you solve that in the field without your tools? Trucking it is how dealers do it most of the time unless they are close to home.
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