2006 Xterra OR project. Phase Two


Well, I might as well give an update to "Phase Two" of the project

Not much in the way of pics or vids but I know DD/BB is working hard on my build. Wish I could be more hands on but this was the best way to get done what I want done to the X in the time frame I have.

As you all know about what is going on with the suspension mods, the ol' gal needed a heart transplant and a few other modest mods. So, here is the list of what's going down.

Phase Two:

-2015 VK56DE V8 and transmission set with only 500 miles on it (UpRev tuned through Dynosty in Louisville, KY)
It pretty much has everything I needed to get the swap started. I did have to pick up the hoses, upper/lower Pathy V8 shrouds, Pathy V8 Aux Fan and various Pathy V8 small parts but everything was there to build off of. I am using my Rugged Rocks 180A alternator (planning on an upgrade to the 250A or 270A model down the road. I am also using my CSF radiator (upgrading to a Ron Davis down the road as well). Will be using my current drive shaft with some mods done to it (will be upgrading to a JE Reel custom driveshaft and CJD 1350 to 1410 adapter when I re-gear in the next year)

LevelTen Bulletproof Custom built RE5R05A Transmission with Paddle-shift Valve-body/TCM

-2015 Titan Transfer Case from the same donor Titan Pro4X

-Stillen VK56DE Supercharger (second to last one sold so all the issues have been worked out)
-Injector Dynamics ID725 injectors for VK56DE

-JWT CS2 Cams with upgraded intake and exhaust springs

-Audi R8 50K volt coils with custom VK56DE adapter harnesses

-JBA 6400S Long-tube Headers (Ceramic/Titanium coating)

-Cajun Exhaust resonated b-pipes

-JBA Armada Cat-back Exhaust (modified to fit the X)

-V8 Pathfinder Instrument Cluster with Custom LED Swap and white face Pro4X gauges

-V8 Pathfinder shifter and center console with parking brake relocation

-2013 Pathfinder heated steering wheel with auto ON/OFF headlamp option on the turn signal stalk

-See-It-All Retrofit HID lamps with Halos (Currently installed except for Halo drivers)

-2013 Frontier radio bezel and HVAC controls

-Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX w/ iDatalink Maestro Mod (Focal Speakers and Alpine Amp and powered subwoofer audio upgrades planned in the not-too-distant-future) (Installed JL Audo ZR100 Tweeters to replace the RF ones a few years back)

Pretty stoked to have it custom mapped with several use-selected maps from UpRev. My current UpRev has the custom maps and love it.

This is it for now. I'm sure there will be more to come. Stay tuned.....


67336610_953262891679214_8908943399579549696_n (1).jpg




Scored the full center console with shifter and boot cables, bezel, 12v outlets) and e-brake for a great price

It cleaned up really nicely

Can't go wrong with car-part.com

This will get the LED color swap with white Pro-4X gauge faces

And the parking/e-brake relocation. Gonna miss the e-brake handle
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Wow, this just got real. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Ha! I knew I forgot something....

Had to get them straight from Japan...


When I re-gear, I will be adding 4340 axles and a modified EVO truss for the M226 and installing my 2012 e-locker

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Yup, forgot these too!

Innovate DLG-1: Dual Lambda (Air/Fuel Ratio) Gauge

Glow shift
1 x White 7 Color 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge

1 x White 7 Color Transmission Temperature Gauge
(7 Color Series Extended Wire Harness: Extended Wire Harness)

1 x White 7 Color Oil Pressure Gauge

1 x White 7 Color Water Temperature Gauge
(7 Color Series Extended Wire Harness: Extended Wire Harness)

1 x White 7 Color 30 PSI Boost/Vacuum Gauge

It's going to have the A-pillar pod and dash pod custom dyed to match stock interior



It's going to be fairly close to this, different head unit obviously and where the storage cubby space is located above the switch panel, we are going to take my old switch panel and install it to fit more switches and blanks for future add-ons and a 2-1/16" gauge where the old 4WD selector was located which just happens to be 2-1/16" as well.

It will kinda be like this


and it's a funny coincidence, N.Y.X and I had basically the same idea on gauge placement which he is doing to his....



This is awesome.

How do the R8 coils fit? They appear too long.
They snap over the ceramic body of the plug. The VK has a 10mm bolt to hold the coil in. This design snaps in and is a very snug fit. I asked Rico if I'd have to worry about them working themselves loose. He said there is absolutely no way they would and he's never had it happen. BB thought it was a worthwhile upgrade so I went for it.

As for my T-swap suspension, i already have plans for upgrading it in the next year lol. Ugggh. Never satisfied


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Where did you get the coil pack wiring adapters?

Im going to look at the coil packs on my VK56VD and see if they are the same as the VK56DE.

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Might work for VK56VD too, this is the VD coil

Just heard back and the adapter harnesses are for the DE only. His answer was this....

R&D was not done on the stock wire harness for the coils and what is required for it or how the stock VD coil packs work on the VD. Many things need to be tested. Checked figured out.
It's not just plug it and pray it works.