2006 Sprinter Custom camper with 3400 miles!!!


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interesting for sure, and I am no expert on these but I believe the 5 cyl is the preferred engine. Tons of potential as the big $$ has been spent.
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That's actually a super clean Sprinter. For $20k, probably not a bad deal, considering the nice upgrades like the Cassette toilet, charge controller, as well as the super low mileage! That would make someone a super nice camper van!

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At $20K, assuming nothing was wrong, it'd be a bargain even with normal mileage. There are pros and cons to the 2002-2006 T1N models with I-5s versus the 2007-on NCV3s with V-6s, but there's no argument that the I-5 diesel is a great engine, and of the T1Ns, '05s and '06s are preferred. There's much expensive stuff that can be wrong with a Sprinter, so this would have to be well-checked out, but on the surface, it's a attractive proposition.