2006 SMB 4x4 Bulletproofed 6.0, Loaded Adventure Rig


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Mileage: 81,813
Asking Price: $79,500
Location: Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Engine / Drive-train Upgrades:
Atlas Rock Crawler Transfer Case (Each axle can be operated independently in High or Low range)
6.0 Liter V8 PowerStroke Turbo Diesel Engine - Bullet Proofed (Also much quieter than the 7.4 Liter engines, important on those beautiful days with the windows down!)
Aurora 3000 Aftermarket High-Efficiency Turbo
Aftermarket Aux Transmission Cooler
SCT Livewire Engine Tuner / Programmer with EGR Delete
Blue Spring Fuel Regulator
Cold Weather Engine Block Heater
Lift Kit
Sportsmobile 4x4 Conversion
Transferflow 46 Gallon Fuel Tank
5 New BFG A/T 35” Tires Including Spare (These tires, worth $1800, have a transferable warranty through Discount Tire that includes FREE replacement if damaged, free 5-tire rotations, free balancing, and free inspections and air-ups! Over 1000 stores nation-wide)
Less than 1 Year Old Dual Cranking Engine Batteries
Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
Heavy Duty Aftermarket Shocks
Manual Lock-Out Front Hubs
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Power Front Windows
Automatic Transmission with Overdrive
Cruise Control
Power Driver's Seat

Beefy Upgrades:
LED Light Bar
LED Flood Lights
Rear Flood Lights
Aluminess Custom Swing-Away Spare Tire & Lock Box
Aluminess Custom Bush Wacker Fender Flares
Aluminess Custom Front & Rear Bumpers
12,000 Lb Winch
Marine Grade Sub-floor
Tire Deflators
Yakima Roof Rack
Side Ladder (For roof-top access)

Interior / Camper Upgrades:
RB50 Floorpan (Sportsmobile's most popular floor plan over the last 50 years. Open and spacious, large pantry, loads of storage and hide-away spaces, it's like having a living room and kitchen in one space – very open plan.)
Kitchen Sink w/ Hot & Cold Water
Exterior Shower w/ Hot & Cold Water
2 Burner Propane Stove Top (One large burner, one smaller)
NorCold Electric Refrigerator / Freezer
Propane Furnace (camping in single digit temps is no problem with this furnace)
Shore Power Hook-ups (City water & 30 Amp electric hookup with 110V circuit breaker panel)
Starcool Rear Air Conditioning
2-Stage Privacy & Black Out Shades (All Side and Rear Windows)
Custom Black-Out Inserts for Upper Penthouse Windows (Perfect for sleeping in Alaska when it is still sunny at 1:00 in the morning.)
Black Out Curtain for Windshield and Front Door Windows
Fiamma F45 Retractable Shade Awning
Exterior LED Porch Light
Multiple 110 Volt & 12V DC Power Outlets
160 Watt Solar Panel
2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Converter/Multi-stage charger with remote panel
12 Volt 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller
On Board Fresh Water Tank (15 gallon)
On Board Gray Water Holding Tank (7 gallon)
On Board Propane Tank
Penthouse Pop-Up Camper Top (Manual with spring assist)
Upper Penthouse Allows For “Upstairs Sleeping” (2 Adults)
Photographer window package on the Pop-Top allowing windows and screens to unzip for an unblocked view (windows and screens are in great shape)
Lower Couch Folds Into Bed (2 Adults)
Swiveling Passenger Captain's Chair (Faces backward into the cabin area)
Dining Table (Disappears in clever storage stow)
Overhead Cab Console For Added Storage
Awning-style RV Side Windows With Screens (Good for in the rain - you still get ventilation but not wet)
Rear and Side Door Galleys
Large Rear Under-floor Storage Compartment
LED Map Lights
CO2 Alarm
Smoke Alarm
Skeeter Beater Bug Screens (All Windows and Openings - Front Windows, Side Doors and Back Doors)

Other Misc Upgrades:
Custom Sat-Nav Stereo w/ DVD Player & Remote (Stereo can play off the alternator while the van is running or you can flip a switch and run it off the house battery while camping)
Custom Upgraded Front Door Speakers
Custom Adjustable Subwoofer
Back-Up Camera
Cassette Style Porta-Potty
Wired for Goal Zero Additional Power Hub / Battery
High / Low Indoor & Outdoor Memory Thermometer w/ Humidity
Weathertech Front Window Rain Guards (Allows for venting when raining or when parked)
Less than 1 Year Old Massive 4D AMG House Battery
Front Mud Tray Floor Mats
Trailer Brake Controller
Tinted Windows (Including front windows)
Storage Cargo Net

Additional Info:
Seats 5 Adults / Sleeps 4 Adults
This engine can run on the fuel found down in Mexico, Central and South America. Newer diesel engines can not.
Emissions passed within the last year with no problem.
No mold or rot
No rust cancer
Just received a 100 point check from our Ford dealership and all were green (except one, a chip in the windshield which has now been fixed)
RIVA certification serial number allows insurance as a legitimate RV (MUCH cheaper to insure)
Average miles per gallon: 12-16 (12 when off-roading, 16 when cruisin' 55mph on the back roads)
This vehicle is amazingly capable off road. Often this would render the vehicle unstable once you are on the highway. Not the case here, Sportsmobile knows what they are doing. No problem driving 75 mph down the road with one hand on the wheel. Very stable and secure even at highway speeds.

Known Issues - As it is a used vehicle and nobody likes surprises:
The air conditioning we think has a leak as it needs to be re-charged about once a year if you use it. We don't live where it's hot so we have not had a mechanic look for the problem, it may be simple.
There is a small dent in one of the step boards on the driver's side
There are some fairly deep scratches on the kitchen countertop
A previous owner backed into something and damaged the Jerry Can mounting tray that is on the swing away. It was quite damaged, so we hammered it out the best we could and installed the lockbox. This was a quick fix as we were headed on a 2 month trip in the van and needed an immediate solution. It works, but it is not the best looking. Consider replacing the tray with a new one or upgrading to an Aluminess lock box. The lockbox we have installed does not lock, so if you keep it you will need to have a locksmith replace the lock mechanism.
This is a used vehicle with normal signs of being used over the years. That said, it is in absolutely great condition.

Reason for Selling:
We started a business back in 2013 and then recently sold it. The goal was to hit the road in an awesome expedition vehicle for a year and travel the nation. That we did, and now it is time to go back to work. Our longest trip was living out of the van for two months and it performed amazingly well. It is sad to see it go, because we love it, but we are not able to retire yet and need to get back to work!

Final Notes:
Even though this is registered and insured as an RV, many lending institutions will not loan for a vehicle like this. This should be considered a cash purchase.
Sportsmobile offers amazing tech support, an online store for replacement parts and will custom modify anything you need them to do (for example, if you wanted to install a power lift for the Penthouse pop-up top).
We will give you a full training session on how to use everything. If you have never owned a Sportsmobile, there is a LOT to learn! Plan on about two hours and plan on taking lots of notes or video. This will include set up, tear down, finicky things, winterizing, cold camping and boondocking helpful hints to name a few.
We have the title in hand
AS IS - No warranty
PLEASE - Interested, legitimate inquiries only
Just ask - If you would like to see any specific photos as we have tons.
Note - The van has brand new Sportsmobile 4x4 decals on it as shown in most photos since the original ones were ugly and peeling so we replaced them.

CONTACT NOTES: If you are interested in contacting us for more information, PLEASE NOTE we work out in the field and normally do not have cell service for several days at a time. Please allow several days for us to get back to you. We don't mean to be rude or inattentive, we simply have no access to communications.



Nice rig. Loved my 6.0 before and after it was bulletproofed. People might be curious to know if it was fully or partially bulletproofed and where.



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Thanks! Regarding the bulletproofing, according to the builder, yes it was a full bullet proofing (EGR cooler replacement) as well as a bunch of other work performed by ATS Diesel Performance in Boulder, CO when the vehicle had approximately 65K miles. (We purchased the vehicle with 67K miles and the previous owner just had the work done.) I have the invoice detailing everything that was done if anyone is interested in seeing it. Their work includes:

Bullet Proof Cooler
EGR Cooler Gasket Kit
Oil Cooler
Blue Spring Fuel Regulator
Aurora 3000 Turbo System
ARP Head Stud Kit
Rocker Box Gasket
Injector O-Ring
Stand Tubes (Short)
Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Head Gaskets
Intake Gasket
Injector Pressure Sensor
Aux Transmission Cooler & T-Stat
Livewire TS Tuner
Belt E-350 6.0L
Bed Plate Gaskets
Front Cover Gasket Kit
Rear Cover Gasket
Powerstroke Rear Main Seal
Oil Pump Gasket
Upper Oil Pan Gasket
Lower Pan Gasket
Oil Dipstick Tube O-Ring
Oil Pick Up Tube O-Ring
Front Rotors

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To answer some more questions people have been asking:
* It is a regular body, not extended
* Yes, it has three sets of seatbelts for the rear bench seat


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One more thing to mention - It just came back from the dealership and had a 100 point inspection. 99 green checkmarks and one yellow checkmark due to a chip in the windshield, which has just been fixed (I have the receipt). So that makes it 100%!


Please post a picture of the Starcool air conditioner condenser, if not familiar it has been located behind the drivers front wheel in the past.thanks


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Am wondering if it is still available and how I can best contact you to talk about it. Am very interested in it!


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Hello all, sorry for the delay in getting back on this. We were traveling and for some reason, my notifications were not coming through. Please see replies below and pics to follow!

Do you have any pics of the undercarriage? Any rust issues?
See attached pictures. No rust issues. There is some very light surface rust that can be seen on some of the components, but no cancer. It is very clean on that end. (Actually, after getting under it to get some pictures just now it became obvious that I need to do an under-carriage wash! You'll see some dirt that didn't get hosed off from its last adventure...)

Please post a picture of the Starcool air conditioner condenser, if not familiar it has been located behind the drivers front wheel in the past.thanks
Pictures attached. I will also include pictures of the rest of the internal components as well. Let me know if you would like anything more specific.

Am wondering if it is still available and how I can best contact you to talk about it. Am very interested in it!
Yes, it is still available. Just send a PM and we can go from there!

And, to answer a few more questions that have been coming in:
* The upper bed in the Penthouse measures 42"x72"
* The lower bed when folded out measures 52"x72"
* Yes, it can be registered as an RV/Motorhome, which is much cheaper than if it is registered as a conversion van


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