2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ Unlimited - fully built for off-road expeditions


2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ Unlimited – Expedition Ready

Asking $31,250 but open to offers. Everything pictured is included.



We have really enjoyed this Jeep for a number of years. I think this is one of the most amazing Jeep builds that I’ve ever seen – certainly the most awesome kitchen setup. We’ve been to Mexico a couple of times and all around the USA off-roading and camping and living life. The Jeep has NEVER let us down. 3 years ago though we expanded and bought a Sportsmobile 4X4 van and we have not camped with the Jeep since. I realized now that I haven’t even driven it in months, so it’s time for a new home.

2006 Jeep Wrangler LJ Unlimited – the best of the best, made for only 3 years, extended wheelbase 2 door Wrangler. More room than a regular Wrangler, but without the compromises of the four doors.

4.0 L inline 6 cylinder engine, 93K miles, manual, babied with full synthetic and regular maintenance, runs great, no engine or drivetrain issues

AEV Pintler 17” wheels, 35 X 12.5 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, Spidertrax 1.5” spacers

Full suspension build – everything that could be done has been done: 4” lift, Old Man Emu heavy springs, King remote reservoir adjustable shocks, ARB front and rear air lockers,

ACOS Pro height adjustable hydraulic bump stops front, Teraflex speedbump bump stops rear, Skyjacker quick disconnect front sway bar, Hellwig adjustable rear sway bar, Teraflex hi steer knuckle and brackets, Teraflex hi steer tie rod/drag link, JKS adjustable track bar, Rough Country adjustable control arms, front and rear custom driveshafts, Terraflex Extreme short shaft SYE, steering stabilizer

Front Dana 30 with Superior Super 30 chromolly 30 spline axles, 4.88 gears, Trail Defense diff cover

Rear Dana 44 with Superior axles, 4.88 gears, TD diff cover

Full armor – Poison Spyder crusher corners with 6” flares, PS rocker knockers with steps, PS hood louver, PS trailgate, Genright front fenders with 6” flares, Genright side plate armor, Genright hood side louvers.

Smittybilt SRC-8 winch, synthetic line, Hi Lift Extreme jack, shovel, axe, tube mount for fishing poles, 48” aluminum OK Offroad sand ladders – side mounted and locked (easy access and theft/zombie proofs the side windows) – can be roof mounted

Smittybilt SRC suspension seats, Tuffy center console and stereo head enclosure, full stereo system with Bluetooth, subwoofer and amps

IBS dual battery system with intelligent solenoid, two Optima Yellow Top batteries, ExtremeAire Magnum on board air, 2.5 gal air tank, Rampage H4 headlight upgrade, front and rear Rampage bumper lights, 10” LED driving light, four PIAA 520 fog lights, LED fog light, rear camp lights

For camping I have the roof top tent off now (it needs a new cover) and have a Rhino Rack that takes up exactly the same footprint/space. We’ve been using the Rhino Racks (there are two total) for ground camping and hauling gear and our canoe. You can swap back on the roof top tent with a little work, all needed brackets included. The sand ladders used to be mounted on the roof too for a flat standing surface – replaced with a custom platform. Lots of options, all included. Seating for 2, 3, or 4. Currently setup with a Little Passenger jump seat in the back, so seats 3, but also comes with a leather Porsche 911 seat that I used to mount in the back. The awesome kitchen slides out of the back and then the sides slide out to open the stove.

Eezi-Awn XKLUSIV 1600 3 person roof top tent with downstairs room, Eezi-Awn 2000 series 2M awning (driver’s side), Eezi-Awn Spoyla rear awning with side walls (awnings are self-retracting and in aluminum hard enclosures), BodyArmor 4X4 rack with 1,000 lb capacity, Thule bars, Partner Steel 3 burner stove with new steel 10 gal tank, Adventure Trailers drawer system (there are two drawers), ARB fridge (Engel pictured, but replaced with newer ARB), 8 gal Action Packers with Swag Offroad Baja bin exo-skeletons, Rotopax water storage, Genright 31.5 gal Safari gas tank with armor surround. This is top quality overlanding gear, the best RTT and awnings sold!

And… yes there is still more, including spare parts. Contact Kirk at five zero three – 676 – four four seven five. Text is okay, send text for more pictures through e-mail. Jeep is in the Portland, Oregon area.








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As built, how much does this weigh ?
Headed out for a weekend of fun, fully loaded with gear, two adults, and one child I've weighed it at ~6,400 lbs at weigh stations. I've weighed it a few times and that seems to be a pretty consistent weight.


Still available and even better! I had a small leak in the radiator and not wanting to pass along a problem I replaced the radiator and fan shield. In the process I also found a leak in the water pump and replaced that as well. Both the water pump and radiator now have lifetime replacement warranties! Of course I flushed the coolant too and put in new, so she's all ready to go!


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Impressive build - a long list of the best of everything!

Quick question regarding your ExtremeAire Magnum and 2.5 gallon tank. If you had to build it again would you use the same compressor and tank size? I am curious to learn how long it takes to air up tires, how many cycles for the ARB air-lockers until the compressor kicks on, etc.


Impressive build - a long list of the best of everything!

Quick question regarding your ExtremeAire Magnum and 2.5 gallon tank. If you had to build it again would you use the same compressor and tank size? I am curious to learn how long it takes to air up tires, how many cycles for the ARB air-lockers until the compressor kicks on, etc.

Thank you. While my Jeep has the ExtremeAire system, my Sportsmobile has an ARB air compressor and the same size tank. The ARB seems to work better to me, but it's a close call. Both rigs have 35" X 12.5" tires and the 2.5 gal tanks do fine for refilling the tires to ~40 lbs after being aired down to ~18 lbs. Yes, you do need to stop and pause some times to give the air compressor a chance to recharge the tank, but it's not too much delay. It still does take some time to air back up, but I don't know how you would really do it quicker without a bigger tank and compressor. It hasn't been a rubbing spot for me because if I am needing to air down, then I am usually with friends and my systems seem to always outperform what they have. So inevitably I am waiting on them 99% of the time when I am done airing up, sometimes waiting quite a while. So although I am sure you can make it go faster with bigger/better stuff, I have not been driven to consider anything else. I would definitely do this setup again.

I have absolutely zero idea about the cycles of the ARB air lockers. I am not much of a "wheeler". I like to use the Jeep to get me and my family to wherever we want to go hike, camp, kayak, or canoe without any worries about getting back out again. We don't usually get into it too crazy deep. As such, I think I've only ever used the lockers maybe 2 or 3 times! The Jeep is EXTREMELY capable with just 2WD, let alone the 4WD!