2006 GMC Sierra Build


One thing I've noticed I've been lacking in off road adventures is reliable maps and GPS when outside of cellular data range. Gaia has proven to be a great help, but secure phone mounting with appropriate viewing didn't seem doable. I started to think maybe an in dash screen would be easier like in my wife's new Hyundai. I also noticed Gaia worked in her car, and well via Apple CarPlay.

I also noticed the GMC's stock radio is a double DIN, and the location is suitable for clear screen viewing.
Original Radio 8-8-2020 Resized.jpg

So, after a lot of research and thought, I decided to get a new unit. I never considered a new radio for any vehicle I've owned, so this was something different for me. I also bought the correct wiring interface to make the job as easy and clean as possible.

New Alpine Unboxing 8-8-2020 Resized.jpg

The interface kit made it possible to solder all the aftermarket items together without cutting anything in the factory harness. All the factory connectors were able to stay in tact. This was very important to me.

New Alpine Wiring 8-8-2020.jpg

It took a few hours of leisure work and making sure everything was done correctly, but I've been very happy with the results so far. Maps apps work great, I can easily and safely send and receive texts and calls, and the Sirius XM through the phone in lieu of the radio and docking station on the right of the factory radio.

New Alpine 8-8-2020.jpg