2006 Ford E350 6.0L PSD 4x4 Camper Van


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Really hate to have to do this, but have some debt to get out from under, so looking to sell the beast...
$23,500 or best offer.

Up front and inside:
- 2006 E350 Super Duty 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel RB
- 117,000 miles
- DP Tuner 80hp 'economy' tune, tuner and cables included
- FatMat lined interior for sound deadening and insulation
- 3-person bench seat (currently removed/unbolted)
- Pioneer FH-X500 CD receiver w/ remote
- Edge Insight CS monitor w/ thermocouple

- U-Joint Off-Road 6" lift and conversion kit
- Atlas springs front/rear
- Bilstein 5100 shocks front/rear
- Pro-Comp steering shock
- Rear wheel spacers
- Crossover steering kit
- Front sway bar links
- F-series Super Duty solid axle front end with 3.73 gear
- F-series Super Duty transfer case
- U-Joint Off-Road front bumper
- U-Joint Off-Road 38g fuel tank
- Aluminess spare tire carrier
- 5 x Black Rock Yuma 17" x 8" wheels
- Warn premium hubs
- BFG AT's 315/70R17
- N-Fab side steps/bars
- Ford Excursion rear drive shaft
- Yukon 3.73 ring/pinion upgrade (stock gearing 3.55)
- DieselSite remote coolant filter
- Sinister EGR update

Up top:
- Camper top installed by Sportsmobile Austin
- Yakima MegaWarrior basket w/ extension, 4 x crossbars, 8 x Control Towers
- Hi-Lift jack carrier

From the beginning then. . . Sometime in July '12 this van was purchased as a stock RB E350 Super Duty cargo van with the intent of one day building the ultimate, go-anywhere, do-anything, adventure vehicle. The cargo shelving was removed and sold along with the running boards and bulkhead, a 2" leveling kit installed along with some larger tires to tide the project over until conversion plans/logistics were sorted out. Having discovered some of the known issues with the 6.0L PSD's after purchasing the van, the remote coolant filter was installed to keep the coolant clean and the Edge monitor with thermocouple was installed to monitor exhaust and coolant temps. Once the UJOR 6" conversion kit was decided on and ordered, I began looking for a F-series Super Duty front end for the solid axle swap and, much to my disappointment, discovered the stock rear axle gearing was 3.55 -- which wasn't going to work with 33" or larger tires. Early '13 the rear gear ratio was upgraded to Yukon 3.73, pallets and boxes of conversion parts began arriving and Sportsmobile Austin installed the pop-up camper top. After taking a few pre-conversion camping trips, picking up wheels/tires and finally locating a F-series front end, it was time to commit to the solid axle swap, which was primarily performed by a wizard mechanic friend at a local 4x4 shop. After the van was lifted up on leaf springs and the solid axle installed, the van was driven in 2WD for a number of months until a NV271 transfer case could be sourced and installed. The transmission tail housing and transfer case were installed mid-August, finally transforming the van into a 4x4 van, plus utilizing the factory rear drive shaft from a Ford Excursion saved me from having to modify and/or purchase a new rear drive shaft. At this point a road trip was in order, so we loaded up the dogs and drove to New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, putting the 4x4 to good use in the Four Corners area, Moab and taking the Ophir Pass east toward Silverton. Once back home, some minor adjustments were made to the 4WD shifter, pivot and linkage.

Why am I selling? Believe me, coming to the decision to sell my van hasn't been easy as this has been a dream project since sometime in '06 when I met someone with an EB E350 Sportsmobile 4x4 which had been fully converted into an RV -- complete interior build-out including sink, couch, toilet, cabinets, the works. Unfortunately my ambitions run a little richer than my income and I've reached a point where I either a) go broke attempting to finish out the interior along with regular maintenance and insurance costs, b) settle for an indefinitely incomplete project or c) sell the van, get out of debt and potentially build another 4x4 van down the road.

What's left? Well, that all depends. In its current state the van is fully sorted and ready to bug out on an extended vacation, but if money weren't a factor, here's what I'd do:
- Replace frame bushings all around
- Build interior storage, seating, onboard water
- Build custom storage compartment in dead space where stock spare used to live
- Address some minor body dings and flaking paint/rust on rain gutters
- Drop a Warn VR12000 winch in the bumper
- Add some Rigid LED's

Take a look at the links below for additional info and options on 4x4 camper van builds:




Van is located in Austin, Texas. Thanks for lookin', please contact me with serious questions and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

van02.jpg van01.jpg
van_2.jpg van_5.jpg
van03.JPG van05.jpg
van06.jpg van08.JPG

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Doh, I think I deleted the price when adding pictures. $23,500 or best offer. Will put some pics of the interior with the camper up as soon as I can.
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Bump to the top with a price reduction. Also replacing valve cover gaskets after having the dog house off recently and seeing a bit of oil weeping from the driver's side valve cover.

New asking price is $23,500 still negotiable.
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Price Adjustment

Evidently the valve cover gasket diagnosis was incorrect, it's actually the cylinder head gasket that needs to be replaced - which is a body-off job. New asking price has been adjusted to factor in the repair. To be clear, the oil leak isn't to the point where it's leaving spots in the street or on the driveway, just enough to see some moisture on the engine, oil filter, oil pan.

Now asking $21,000 or best offer.

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Mark Keeler
This is an amazing van. I am sure that you have more than $22k into this beast. I am looking for an older 7.3.


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This is an amazing van. I am sure that you have more than $22k into this beast. I am looking for an older 7.3.
Thanks, yeah, definitely invested a bit into it and hate to have to let it go, someone could get a really sweet deal - new price $23,500.
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