2006 Dodge Cummins coolant leak


Was doing oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and greasing the 3 fitting on my stock 06. I'd plugged in the block heater in case I needed to move the truck b/4 starting work. Crawled under found reddish liquid in ground, bell housing and farther up on passenger side of engine. Looked it over real good saw a 2 to 3 inch rubber hose connecting two metal pipes. This connection was the problem, so got out an 8mm(5/16") 1/4 inch driver & tightened the worm drive clamps. From what I read on diesel truck resource 06-07 had this problem until the clamps were replaced with constant pressure clamps. Easy fix for a problem that could be bad on the road. You can find this little hose right near the automatic lube dip stick area. Tough reach etc.


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My constant pressure clamp on the upper radiator hose broke,so I replaced all with NAPA's premium worm drive clamps throughout. The clamp wasn't made of spring steel like my old Dodge. It was very grainy like pot metal.

My independent Dodge shop indicated these clamps are not problematic,but I just prefer the older style. I've rechecked the torque on them and they are still tight.