2005+ Tacoma Mileage


Hopefully this hasn't already been discussed. If it has, then please point me in the right direction. I'm getting 13ish in the Jeep WJ right now. Good truck, but I do love the Tacoma and I've lusted over it for years. I'm just doing some thinking for a distant future switch. Thanks for the help!!!

Built or stock. I want both.


i get 14 litres per 100km (16 mpg) with my stock tires on it. with my 33's im getting about 18 litres per 100km. (13 mpg)

with gas at 1.42 a litre or 5.38 per gallon for 87 oct. it hurts the wallet a fair bit. :Wow1:

that being said i wouldn't consider another truck unless i was wanting to move into a diesel. even then id be hesitant about moving to a domestic truck due to reliability/fit and finish reasons.
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usually 17-19, manual, 265's, stock, v6. I think I only had one tank over 20mpg but it's really hilly around here. Usually drive faster than traffic. Skipping some gears without lugging it.


My "daily" drive consists of a short spurt on base and around the neighborhood, and then 25ish miles of relatively stop free 60mph driving, with some around town for good measure. Stock I got 19ish. These days with a slight lift and 256/75/16's I get 17-18 consistently. When towing or with the camper on the back it drops to 14-16.

By contrast, a buddy with a Duramax gets 22mpg, whether empty or towing a race car at 80mph, I so wish we could get diesels in our Tacomas.


Stock 2007 double cab V6 (short bed), I have kept track of every fill-up since I've owned it (about 3 months) my overall average is 19.0 mpg. My best is 20.7, my worst is 17.7. That's mostly just daily driving on my commute to work and back, some of it was towing a small fishing boat a short distance (probably the low one).

My '99 extra cab was significantly worse (never did keep track) but I had heavy bumpers, winch, sliders, lift, topper, and large tires. So I'm pretty happy averaging 19 overall!
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Ed Bravo


2006 double cab v-6 4x4 265 tires

I don't dwell on mileage nor almost ever check it. It is what it is and I really like the truck for what we use it for.

Highway 20 mpg pretty much loaded or unloaded.
In town I bet it is down to about 16 although I've not checked it exactly.

Towing a 3,600 travel trailer on the open highway - 12 at best and probably 10 mpg if it's a little hilly.



I haven't done a real precise check on mine but around town I'd say I'm getting 15 or so, on the hwy probably 17-18. I did manage to get 20 coming home from my last trip by keeping the speed down around 60mph.(and that was with the RTT poking up in the wind) Mine's an 07 double cab v-6 with the 6spd manual, 3" lift, 285's and TONS of armor.

I've noticed atleast with my truck that anything over 65mph and the gas mileage really starts to fall off, I'm sure it would help a good bit if I would regear to get back in the proper range with the larger tires.


I have a 2011 Double Cab Tacoma TRD Off-Road that is completely stock. I keep track of all of my fill ups and my last three were an average of 20.xx mpg. I drive 50/50 city/highway. My style is like an old lady with periods of baja racing in the middle. :sombrero:


Land traveler
14-15 was my average around town. 16 at 65mph and 14 at 75mph. That was with a flippac, OME lift, 255/85r16s, and auto trany. It didn't change much even if I tried to drive conservatively.


Thanks for all of the help fellas! I'm getting 12-13 in the Jeep right now with the AutoHome and shower on top of the WJ. I'm not there yet, but I will be at some point. Good to know what to expect when I'm ready to make the change. Thanks again!

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06 V6 4x4 Xtracab 6sp manual: 255/85, HEAVY with lots of armor (bumpers, sliders, skids, etc).

Typocially around town I get about 15mpg. Although, on the way out to the desert rendevous, I actually got 25 mpg! I have a feeling its becuase we were driving pretty slow 55mph and drafting eachother the whole way. But I was fully loaded wtih camping gear as well.