2005 Montero 3.8L Inlet Water Pipe Leak

Michael Brown

You followed me, so now we're both lost
I have had a coolant leak coming from my water pipe o-ring for a while and decided to try to fix it. I had ordered o-rings and removed the manifold only to find that I had gotten o-rings for the wrong pipe.

I had ordered the o-rings [N10] for the bypass pipe [9] and not for the pipe in the water pump housing [12]. I replaced spark plugs and put it back together without changing anything, but now the leak is severe enough to leave a puddle under the truck (before there was only some on the block).

Does anyone have the OEM part number (or correct size) for the [13N] o-ring in the back of the water pump housing?

2005 Montero Water Pipes.jpg

Michael Brown

You followed me, so now we're both lost
From what I have found, MD030763 is the o-ring I need to replace at the back of the water pump housing. Found it here (https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/mitsubishi/pajero-montero-4375/v65w-10690/myhcq-625206/water-pipe-thermostat-7921567#/il-189289042)

I will get one off of Amazon and update with the fitment.

For future reference, is there a good o-ring kit that I could buy to have extras in stock (buna or viton automotive grade), or should I always hunt down OEM pieces?