2005 lx 470 vs 93 lc - link in last post


This would be my first overland rig. One owner - 130k miles. What to look for? Reliable as land cruiser? Good vehicle for first purchase? Want to use as family expedition rig.....
Asking 14,500

‘93 one owner land cruiser above
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Also- as an expo vehicle, assuming all systems are working as designed, this should be an excellent starting point for a family rig. I bought a 2003 LX470 with 100k more miles last year, daily drive it, and wouldn’t hesitate to take it to the wilds of Colorado and other points west tomorrow (apart from completing some mods that I am in the middle of). My vehicle came with a solid maintenance record, so I believe I can rely on it for the time being, and as long as I keep up with maintenance. Maintenance on these vehicles is substantial, especially in the case of automatic height control (AHC) rigs such as the one you’re considering. But they’re very capable, and comfortable for touring.


I just looked at it, no a spec of rust anywhere and looks great. That said, when I drove it, it was pulling a little. I reviewed the maintenance record, but did t see any timing belt replacement despite 130k. He said someone bought it, took it to lexis and they quoted him 4K to make it new (including fixing the power steering etc). I am on the fence at 14,500, plus a couple thousand to fix it, then the build out. I am leaning on trying to find a first gen sequoia- they seem to go for half this asking price


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My buddy bought a 2003 (I think) last year and has well over 200,000 miles on it and we recently lifted it and it was like new underneath I mean not any rust. It blew me away. My 2018 wrangler has more rust and it does not have much.
any 80 series with less than 200K on the odometer is no where near needing any "wrenching". No timing belt to deal with. Just rebuild the front outers about every 150K and you will be fine. My 80 has 251K on the odometer and no major issues. We will see if my 200 holds up as well

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