2005 GMC C5500 Topkick 4x4, Boxtruck. $61,000


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I’m interested in this, how do I convince my wife it will make a great RV? Give me your good and ugly opinions. I don’t know much about the top kick. Just read a little article and Tom’s Lostbox build.
Looks like an ambulance with just a little longer box that you can actually stand in but no side door or windows.
The other option that I would be considering would be an AWD transit with a total composite box. It would be new, but $10K more expensive, plus no heater, fridge, awning, generator, wiring, etc. Which means, I would need to save up for at least another year maybe 2. I know these are completely different. I don’t need extreme 4x4. Just something to get me out of the mud and snow. I would keep the DRW. Looking for a 4 season camper that I can live out of for a few months at a time with my wife and two (maybe more) dogs. Again any ideas appreciated.

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Looking for a 4 season camper that I can live out of for a few months at a time with my wife and two (maybe more) dogs.
I think the answer is right there. A few months at a time with 12 legs (or more) legs, I would want as much room as possible.
I can't speak for this truck specifically, but the C4500/5500 are very well built (commercial grade) and share most components with the smaller 2500/3500 trucks, so most parts and all service items are easy to come by. Both the Duramax engine and Allison transmission in these trucks are legendary for reliability.
With the C4500/5500 you will never have to worry about too much weight, something you will certainly have to keep an eye on with a Transit.
Now if you want to head down narrow trails, or drive/park unnoticed the Transit would do much better. Also if you are planning driving a lot of miles, the Transit would do much-much better.


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Thanks for the info Mog.
NevadaRV, do you know the weight of the vehicle? I see the GVWR is 19,500 pounds. I know Mog said I won’t have to worry about weight, but I would like the option to tow my parents 7,000 pound boat. I see that the GVCWR is 26,000 pounds, so it should no problem. I just want plenty of payload left after adding everything I’m going to.
Also what size diesel tank(s) does it have?
What year are the tires? There should be a code that tells you.
If any hoses were replaced, which ones and when?
what are the sizes of the boxes under the truck that aren’t used?
If I do buy it then I’m going to be driving it 26 hours back home in a long weekend.
Everyone, what ideas would you have for layout since it only has cab doors and a back door? My first idea would be to do a bed that raises or folds up. I really liked the idea of a gear garage. Maybe my bikes would just fit in one of those boxes. Is this price reasonable? It seems high for a 15 year old vehicle that some parts are getting hard to find according to CowPig on the last post of Tom’s build.
Next step find a Topkick or Kodiak ambo I can test drive. Would a freighter am I be similar?? I’ve driven school busses before and drive a F150. I figure this will be way more like a school bus.


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Just called and someone put a deposit on it Saturday. They are supposed to pick it up in 2 and a half weeks. I left my number just in case.