2005 Ford E350 6.0l Powerstroke Quigley 4x4 Van


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****SALE PENDING AS OF 12/20/21****

Selling our van in order to start another project. This van was professionally converted by VanLab Durango in late 2020. Extremely capable, well-outfitted and comfortable. This van is a great do it all rig for a couple or family of three that can be everything from a tow rig, river/MTB shuttle, a killer ski camper or a high country exploration vehicle. Van just rolled over 100k miles (sits at 100965 but will go up as I still drive it). Just had full service including oil/filter, fuel filter, transmission service. We had it fully "bulletproofed" at 79k including new ARP Head Studs, Oil Cooler, New Injectors, New Glow Plugs and Module, EGR, Water Pump, Thermostat, Sinister Diesel Coolant Filter System. We put new Motorcraft batteries in it this fall and a few other odds and ends were taken care of as needed. Regularly maintained and well taken care of and have detailed records. Drives straight and true, doesn't pull and honestly drives better than other Quigley's I've owned/driven. After taking care of all the 6.0 stuff it's been a great, reliable rig. Great power, peppy and good mileage - hands down better than any of the gas motors in these vans.

The nitty gritty details:
* Quigley 4x4 Conversion
* Falcon Wildpeak AT3 Tires 315/70/17 new at 79k - Regularly rotated
* Black American Racing Teflon Coated 17" Wheels
* Black bed-liner on lower panels. Wheel wells were trimmed to fit the 35" tires, no rubbing and pro finish.
* Brand new Bilstein 5100 shocks and new Monroe duel steering stabilizer.
* 19" Fiberine Aero Hi-top
* Boss stereo with high-mounted backup camera
* Passenger Swivel Seat
* Both Driver and Passenger seats have seat heaters and cloth is in good shape.
* Fully Insulated, did lots of sound-deadening in the cab area when the seats were all out.
* 200 watts of solar on a 50 amp MPPT charge controller with bluetooth monitoring.
* Blue Sea systems smart battery isolator with a remote switch at the dash for additional cranking power/cold starts/etc.
* 200 aH AGM battery
* 20 gallon wheel well water tank with sink inside and spray port out the back doors.
* Planar 2D Diesel Heater tied into tank (cuts off at about a 1/3 tank so you'll never run out of fuel)
* Dometic 65DZ fridge/freezer on slide at side door
* Fantastic Roof Fan
* Lots of lights, all on dimmers. Extra power run to a few choice spots for later use if necessary. USB chargers, 12v outlets, etc.
* Large Pull-out drawer at the rear of van with flip down table (we used it mainly as our kitchen setup)
* Tons of storage at rear of van.
* Custom flares on sides give a massive 80" x 64" bed with a 4" trifold mattress. Center platform is easily removeable for additional storage or shuttle situations.
* L-track mounted into ceiling for hanging accessories. We also have a "kid bed" that hangs from the track and sits above the rear bed. Works great and is about 48" x 24"
* Paints not perfect but overall pretty clean and shiny; has some pinstriping and a couple small chips and dings but nothing major. Just the way an overland rig should be.

We're looking for $75k OBO. Happy to show it off and answer questions, provide more photos, etc. Been a great do it all rig for us and gonna miss it. Respond to this ad via with any questions or to set up a time to take a look.

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They were a custom fab in our shop. They basically fit the factory window stamp ring via an inner and outer clamp ring. Made of 16 gauge steel and raptor lined them. They weigh about 4 lbs more than the metal that was removed when cutting them out. Taper from 2" up front to 4" in back. You barely notice them in your rear view mirrors but give you about 80" of sleeping space. I'm 6'1" and it's super comfy.


Any idea on how hard it would be to add a 3rd passenger seat in the back? So total of 5 seats!
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Any idea on how hard it would be to add a 3rd passenger seat in the back? So total of 5 seats!
Some of the transit single jump seats that would fit. They are really narrow though. Not too hard to mount. But access back there would be tight.
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Awesome rig! I see 4 seats, does it / have you slept 4?
Haven't slept 4. We have a kid bed that rests on the upper lip and attaches to the track in the ceiling. So it hangs above your feet. My 2.5 year old loves it, but mich bigger and the space gets tight.

The 4 seater is dope though. Swivel the front seat around and everyone can play cards and hang out. When the bed platform is removed you basically have two big benches in back, we've had 10 people on river shuttles before.


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What is the next project and are you interested in trade?

We're going to build a custom box on a 2022 e350 cutaway....ujoint 6" kit, 7.3 Godzilla motor...it's gonna be killer. Still trying to decide on a few things...what wheel base, pop top or no....how big of a box. Basically I'm gonna go down a serious rabbit hole.
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Wow, the details on this interior are incredible. I'm doing a van build out of my own and even my wildest imagination didn't come close to how nicely this is executed. Well done!