2005 F550, singlecab, 4x4, 12' habitat, diesel, auto, 218k, (Craigslist), $13k Southern OR


Hey that’s a cool one. That’s the 6.0 powerstroke in this, right? Is engine replacement any cheaper on a truck vs van? Hoping it is. Just wondering the ”what if” engine failure cost on one of these. I guess you could go the Fummins route, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing.


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Man. If I didnt have my project. I would look into this. As for the comment above, should be the 6.0 since its a 2005. Look up bulletproofing for the 6.0. I like the box. A pass through would be awesome!

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I went and looked at a utility body for a friend at that 'dealer' a month ago. They seem to trade in commercial, utility-type vehicles, and equipment (do you need a 27 ' steel bridge, they have one). Lots of cool and oddball stuff in the yard I was at (they have three yards). I can't speak for the company as my friend did not need the utility body, but the guy who let me in the yard (worker-bee) was very nice and friendly. If someone wants a first-hand look at this, it would not be too much trouble for me to swing by. With of course all the usual disclaimers. Drop me a PM if that is something that would help. I'm always willing to help other people spend money :rolleyes:


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Good find. Too bad it is a 6.0 and way across the country from me. The price is right, just add a pass through, RV door, insulation and go from there. Any ideas how this would do off road? I don’t imagine it has a torsion free subframe. If anyone contact s them please update here.


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Helpful crowd we have here 😎. I think most of us would say it has good bones to build on. Water tank insulation flooring etc. torsion free. I dont know but that would be cool if it did