2005-2014 Tacoma Safari Snorkel


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I'm very happy to hear they are coming out with a Safari Snorkel for the 2nd gen Tacoma.

I am still disappointed that it took over 10 years to do so. The Tacoma has been out from 2003 - 2015+ years. That's a long long time! ARB has enough resources that they could of make it come out sooner.

I also do not buy that it takes lots of research and development to produce these. All the research has been done already. They already have their recipe for their plastic formulation they use, all they have to do is do a virtual scan of the fender and pillar and send out the dimensions to the plastic formulation company.

Also the 2003 - 2009 Toyota 4runner shares the same engine as the Tacoma. So all it takes for development is just to get the dimensions of the snorkel correct. The rest is clamps and tubing.

I'm still happy to see this, I hope they make one for the 4th and 5th gen 4runner now as there is purely a market for these here in the U.S.

Also someone mentioned on another forum that the reason why these are not made for North American trucks is because of a lack of communication between ARB Australia folks with ARB North American people which is truly disappointing.

1. New Tacoma debuted in 2004 as a 2005 model, minor detail.

2. ARB is the sole distributor of Safari Snorkel in the US, they do not own or otherwise control Safari Snorkel nor their decision on product launch. They wanted it as much as we did but Safari required a x amount buy-in. That same buy in took several years to sell through for the 1st Gen Tacoma (which had a similarly long run-time) and thus the ROI didn't match that of other applications for the time being particularly since it is a US only application. While it is absolutely fair to say ARB USA has influence on those decisions, consider the fact the US snorkel market is likely >5% of the global Safari Snorkel market and you'll get a grasp of how limited that influence may be. The ARB Australia folks are well in tune with the market demands of the US, it has nothing to do with a lack of communication ;)

3. I wouldn't hold your breath on a 4th/5th gen 4Runner one yet as by my estimate they see 10% the build action of a 2nd gen Tacoma. That said I know 4Runners stuff is on their radar and we could see something down the road.


So the question is then... is this now the best way to get a snorkel on a 4th gen 4runner? Since the Tacoma and 4th gen 4runner are very close in proportions?

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