2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread


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Stage one

A week or so ago I swapped out my factory denso 225cc 4 hole injectors for denso 250cc 12 hole injectors. Mainly did this upgrade for 12 hole injectors which are flow matched.
I don't daily the truck and kinda wish I drove it just before the swap but I just an hour of time to throw them in. So I did. Drove it and hard to say if it made any improvements. Being that they are 12 holes, in theory they should also be more efficient. Haven't done a tank or two in it to see if any mpg improved.

Unfortunately I won't be able to do any further testing with just 12 hole injectors as you'll read. I did another big change that I just couldn't wait.

This all started mainly for the second part (stage two) but happen to heard about the 12hole injectors so I did those first.

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Stage two

2004 Tundra 4.7
488 gears. 35" tires. 6000lbs. Manual Hubs
No other engine mods other than a mini snorkel with factory filter box and oem filter.

Only Previous Mod: 12 hole injectors via http://dirtydeedsindustries.com (optional)

Current Mod: Swap 05-06 Tundra Intake Plenum (variable runner intake) to 03-04 Tundra

Swap was pretty straight forward. You'll want to get an 05-06 tundra intake plenum with fuel rails. The 05-06 throttle body and the nut/bolts to it. (03-04 bolts different)

Unbolt the 03-04 throttle body (keep coolant lines connected for now) and just leave in engine bay for now

Removed the old heavy aluminum plenum and gasket spacer (won't need). I did clean as much oil/carbon build up as I could since I was in there.

Swap the 00-04 injectors into the 05-06 fuel rails to be used with the 05-06 plenum. Also a good time to swap the 12 hole injectors to save time if you ordered upgraded injectors (optional)

On the 05-06 plenum. You'll want to remove the runners red vsv (circle in blue) on the back of the plenum and just run a longer hose shown as a red line drawing.

Drop the much lighter 05-06 plenum back on to the engine (reused the orange gasket already on the bottom of plenum) (I have always reused plenum gaskets) also you see another vacuum holes near the front on the bottom of the plenum. Make sure you comes out the front (will be used to hook back up to the power steering pressure switch).

Take the 03-04 throttle body coolant lines off. (The two lines from engine to TB) once off I just bypassed the 05-06 TB and ran the coolant line back into the engine. It's summer time and I'm going to try it with it bypassed.

If you don't want to bypass than run the two engine coolant lines to the front of the plugs on the TB.

Now the coolant lines are bypassed and 03-04 TB is out of the way. Install the 05-06 TB upside down to how it originally came on the intake plenum so the connector and lines hook back up.

Plug the connector back on. Hook up the PCV and evap hose to the plenum on the driver side. You'll need to plug the vacuum port on the passenger side with a rubber plug.

Now that little vacuum like on the bottom that you routed to the front needs to connect back to the power steering vacuum line and you'll need a plastic adapter to make it work as the two hose sizes are different. (I plan to shorten the two lines to make it look stock later).

I didn't have any of the brackets to put the V8 4.7L plastic cover back over the throttle body (will have to find some later).

Reinstall what's left like the intake. Than fire the engine up and check for any leaks (mainly the injectors and fuel leaks). Don't touch the throttle and let the engine warm up to operating temps and top off coolant if you lost a lot.

Once warmed up. Take it for a test drive but ease into it for the first 50-100 miles for the ecu to remap. My initial impression is it pulls much harder even with 1/4 throttle at mid range (2500-3500). I can feel myself being pushed back into the seat with little throttle. Hope to get some more driving in for a second update but overall it's a worth it upgrade just to have lost some weight up front. Removing the plastic plenum to get to the starter will be much easier now. That along is worth it lol

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Did you make the feet that attach the crossbars to the cab? I recently picked up a DCU (burgundy color actually) and want to replace the contractors rack with something nicer.
The mounting hardware is actually for renogy solar panels but you can buy the mounting hardware separately. Got them on amazon.

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Looking at the angles you were dealing with I wouldn't be able to do that with how my truck is set up now. I'm running on 33's, and I have a DC. My rear bumper would probably get the truck stuck right at the beginning. And I'm not sure how I'd do on that breakover angle at the end....the longer wheelbase might cause an issue there.

High clearance bumper is in the plans for later, but need to get a few other things sorted out first.