2004 LX470 Expo built

Hello - Long time reader. I have decided to build a 200 Series Maltec truck, and would like to sell my 100 series.

I will copy and paste the information from the thread when I purchased the truck last November. This has been an absolutely phenomenal truck, and has absolutely ignited my passion for overland travel, so I have decided to up the ante a bit.

Johnny the previous owner (poster here and ih8mud ) and I have kept in contact, and I have completed 4 successful trips totaling about 10k miles since November. This is a 4th vehicle for me, and sees light Sunday driving or overlanding, and has been maintained and cared for with an open check book. I have a biweekly detailer that comes and washes all my cars, and the 100 gets the same treatment.

This truck is absolutely perfectly setup, and I always thought I would take it to my grave, but the opportunity to get into a dream 200 series has popped up. I have also discovered in my travels, I enjoy more of the camping and out door living more so than the off road side of things, which is prompting the change. I have wheeled this truck up hells gate in Moab and it is highly capable.

Clean car fax, Galactic Gray Mica, no rust, runs great, 188k miles


This LX was built specifically to replace our expo 80. After using the 80 for several years we decided to relegate that to trail duty and build something more stable and comfortable at highway speeds, while still maintaining excellent off road performance.

The truck has performed flawlessly since we've owned it. It has been across the AZ Strip, the Camino Del Diablo, and recently did a 6K mile cross country trip (didn't use a drop of oil).


I bought the truck from Cos4X4 (2nd owner), here on Mud, in late May of 2014.

This is how the truck was when I bought it:

July 2014 @ 151,735

- Clean Car Fax

- Purchased in Colorado Springs from second owner

- OME torsion bars

- OME 860 rear springs

- OME Nitrocharger Shocks

- 16" LC wheels with 295/75-16 Nitto Terra Grapplers

- Slee Diff-drop

- Slee Sliders

- Slee Front Skid (aluminum)

- Slee Intermediate skid (aluminum)

- Slee Belly Skid (steel)

Baselined PM:

July 2014 @ 152,781

- Replace engine oil and filter (Mobil 1)

- Drain and fill differentials (Mobil 1)

- Drain and fill transfer case (Mobil 1)

- Drain and fill transmission (Mobil 1)

- Flush coolant

- Replace timing belt

- Replace spark plugs

- Replace CV shafts, boots and seals

- Alignment

July 2014 @ 152,911

- Replace Windshield

June 2015 @ 158,892 (work done at Camelback Toyota)

- Replace Upper Control Arms with SPC adjustable Upper Control Arms

- Replace lower ball joints with 555 (Japanese) ball joints

- Repack wheel bearings

- Replace steering rack (mild seeping from original unit’s seals)

- Replace engine oil and filter (Mobil 1)

- Alignment

February 2016

- Replace battery with Batteries Plus Group 27F AGM

March 2016 @ 161,000

- BFG 295/75-16 KO2s (rotated and balanced every oil change)

May 2016 @ 162,876 (work done at Slee Off Road)

- ARB Front & Rear Air Lockers

- ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor

- 80 Series Locker Switch

- Replace Outer tie rod ends

- OME 868 rear springs

- SPC Rear Lower HD Control Arms with flex-joint

- Safari Snorkel

- ARB Winch Bar

- ARB LED marker lights

- Warn 9.5 XPs

- Slee Offset Fairlead

- Factor 55 Flatlink Expert winch thimble

- ARB LED High Intensity Lights (fog & spot) wired into OE harness

- Slee second battery tray/ARB compressor mount

- IBS Dual Battery System Controller

- IBS Remote Boost Module Kit

- Military Terminals on both batteries

- Interstate Group 35 AGM Battery as auxiliary (MT7-75DT)

- Slee Dual Pivot Rear Swingout with ladder and jerry can basket

- Replace Rear Driveshaft (slightly out of balance)

- Front and Rear Axle Seals

- Replace radiator hoses

- Replace coolant Ts

- Replace serpentine belt

- Replace engine oil and filter (Mobil 1)

- Alignment

May 2016 @ 163,757

- Maggiolina Grand Tour,medium (Like new, slept in 10 nights)

- Trekboxx Alpha Drawer, custom unit with 2 drawers on PS (thanks David!)

- ARB 63 Quart Fridge with Wits’ End Coiled Power Cord (thanks Joey!)

- Blue-Sea 12 Circuit Negative Bus Fuse Block mounted in cargo area (4-gauge wire with 100 amp mega fuse to auxiliary battery)

- Marine LED Companionway Light and dual switched Marine USB ports at rear of drawer system

- H3R HalGuard 5 lb. Fire Extinguisher in H3R Extreme Duty Mount

- Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack

- Escape Gear Grey Canvas Seat Covers

January 2017 @ 167,981

- Replace engine oil and filter (Mobil 1)

- Lubricate Chassis and Suspension

- Complete Inspection

- Rotate and balance tires

May 2017 @170, 377

- Replace engine oil and filter (Mobil 1)

- Lubricate Chassis and Suspension

- Complete inspection

- Rotate and balance tires

September 2017 @177,190

- Replace engine oil and filter

- Replace air filter (OEM)

- Lubricate Chassis and Suspension

- Complete Inspection

- Rotate and balance tires

April 2018 @ 182k

- Replace engine oil / filter

- Replace rear drive shaft (dented old one, caused a vibration)

- Replace Front Diff fluid, Rear Diff Fluid, Transfer Case fluid

- Replace brake pads, bleed brakes

- Replace power steering fluid

- Replace coolant

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Wow, I wish I was in the market for something like this at the moment. Amazing setup (and Hell's gate pics?!). Maltec conversions are phenomenal. I talked to Alex recently myself. A little too rich for my blood at the moment, but definitely a proper upgrade for you while keeping the spirit of your current rig. GLWS.
Hey guys, the ko2's were starting to lose balance after 30+k miles, and the last trip i was on, so I wanted to try out the ST Maxx's.... Decided to upgrade the wheels too while I was at it.... Price is the same $32k now with brand new wheels and tires. Cheers.

Give me two weeks...that’s when I find out if I am getting stationed in Valparaiso, Chile. If I do, and this is still available, I’ll be calling. Always wanted to take my wife to Austin and San Antonio :)