2004 Land Rover Disco II - low mileage, well built - Seattle

SOLD -- 2004 Discovery SD, low miles and well built -- SOLD

Truck sold as of 08/29/17. Thanks ExPo

Desirable 2004 model with 4.6L engine and CDL. SD means vinyl interior and no leaky sunroofs.
Only 51,xxx miles; drive it to work 2 – 3 days a week, so going up slowly.

$9,500 OBO

Located in Seattle.

3rd owner for almost 10 years, longer than I've ever owned another vehicle. This was originally an Atlanta, GA vehicle that the first owner traded in with only 4,093 miles on the clock. 2nd owner bought it CPO and commenced mods. I bought it with 17,631 miles and shipped it to Seattle from Virginia in August 2007.
Dealer maintained until CPO warranty expired, and exclusively serviced by independent Land Rover specialist in Bellevue, WA since. I have all maintenance and mod records dating back to the 2nd owner's purchase date.
Head gasket and ABS control module recently replaced.

The family is attached to this vehicle, but I want a jeep and my wife says something has to leave before I buy another. As expected, this vehicle has required plenty of maintenance and repairs over its life, but I can count on one hand the number of times it has taken even a second turn of the key to start. Never left me stranded. I really want the truck to go to someone who will appreciate it and use as intended, so only listing on ExPo for now. I think I've priced very fair and I'm not in a rush, so no low ball offers please.

Thanks for looking.

More pictures on request.

Will try to check PM's here, but for faster response please text: 2 zero 6 66 zero 7 zero 99

Mod list:

• RTE wide-face front winch bumper, terrafirma low profile aluminum washer bottle
• Viking winch with synthetic line.
• SlickRock Fabrications steel rocker sliders
• Trek rear bumper with rocker protection
• RTE 3 “ lift, including panhard rod extension, modified watts linkage, extended ABS links, stainless steel brake lines, and upper and lower spring retainers; QT Radius Arms, +3 degrees of caster. Did wonders for steering on the road
• Rovertracks tie-rod and drag-link
• Bilstein 7100 remote reservoir shocks
• SlickRock front sway bar disconnects
• RTE differential guards
• GBR HD front driveshaft and rear driveshafts.
• GBR thrust-bolted front and rear diffs, 4.14 gears and Tru-Tracs.
• 285/75/16 BFG KM2 MTs
• Spare tire relocator to accommodate larger tire on rear
• Odyssey PC2150 battery (still going strong after 10 years, but I can't imagine too much lifespan left.)
• Borla exhaust

• Uniden Pro520XL CB mounted in headliner, w/ Firestick antenna mounted on tire carrier.
• Land Rover OEM dog/cargo barrier
• Full set of Rover OEM rubber mats
• Professional window tint at 35% all around

The bad:
• Headliner has started to sag in quite a number of spots. It's going to need repair soon.
• Driver's seat (vinyl) has split in a few places. Stock replacements are no longer made, so upholstery shop will have to match vinyl to repair. This was the second cover as the 1st similarly split approx. 7 years ago. I still have the old cover, which might be a source of patch material.
• Paint has “willow pinstriping” from a couple of narrow trails. It might buff out; I've never tried.
• Fender flares are highly oxidized. Missing left rear corner plastic (have it, but clips broke). About $500 to replace all the plastic if someone is so inclined.
• Check engine light is almost always on. I'll have the vehicle serviced before delivery to a new owner, but I cannot promise you won't have a CEL.

Not included:

• Factor 55 hawse fairlead and flat link will be replaced with generic hawse and shackle . . . unless I receive a full price offer.
• Thule rack + bike mounts not included, though would be willing to talk about the high-foot cross bars as I don't need them for other vehicles. I have 3 of the bars w/ feet.




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August Bump - Reduced Price

Have had some interest, and a member who came to look but apparently decided to keep building the Rover he has vs. buying mine already done. He may have been scared off by my 10 year old son who was in the driveway with a "Please don't buy my Dad's Rover" sign when we came back from the test drive. :)

If you know anyone in the market, please tell your friends. I - and, as it turns out, my son - are oddly attached to this truck and really want it to go to someone who will appreciate it and use as intended, so have not yet listed it elsewhere.

Thank you.

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