2004 JGC Question - New Jasper engine or rebuilt


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Have a question and was wondering folks thoughts, our 2004 JGC lost compression in #6 cylinder several states away. We are trying to decide if best to spend $6k to get new jasper engine installed or just get rebuilt engine installed for $3,200 - $3,600? Shop has access to local rebuilt engine with 88,000 miles.

If we can get 12 months out of it great, 24 months even better. It is secondary car our son uses while he is saving up to get his own. He puts very little miles on it now and he on drives to work and around town.

Jeep has book value of about $3,000 - $3,500

Some specs:
JGC 4.7 liter H.O.
2 wheel drive
We bought new and maintained impeccably
219,000 miles
New transmission installed 2 years ago, less than 5k miles on it.
New Brakes, fuel pump, Muffler, shocks/struts

Does rebuilt have too many risks, or are they pretty good, or should we bite bullet and get Jasper?



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I got a remanufactured 4.0L engine from S&J Engines in Spokane for $1800 and had it installed with a new rad, new hoses, new water pump, new clutch and a bunch of minor parts for 2200. But I'd never do a rebuilt, the S&J Engine comes with a 7 year warranty. And 78K miles later it is still running like a new engine.

From what you are saying, a $3500 value, you'd be better to spend $6K on a different vehicle. Or does it just need a new head?
If it is worth doing, do the reman, but 219K miles is pretty early to need a new engine.
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219k miles? Even with a new motor that's setting a little long in the tooth!

$6k on my neck of the woods gets a really nice Dubya Jay


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I lost the engine in our '00 Ranger with 225,000 miles on it, trans had less than 5k on it. we were looking at 4k for a reman long block....I took the 4k & made a down payment on another vehicle, gave the 4WD Ranger to my 16 y.o. grandson, who aspires to be a mechanic/


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Hi all, thanks for comments. We bit the bullet and the Jasper engine is being installed now. For the next 12 - 24 months son will be using Jeep as daily driver just around town in different city as he completes education. Once he gets own vehicle we will keep at our second home to use when we fly in. Beats renting all the time. Plus we didn't have time to shop for new vehicle in city 8 hrs away. We needed quick decision.

We should have back this week so I'll let you know how it turns out.

For what we need Jeep to do spending $6k is worth it to us because we have vehicle we know exactly how it was taken care of for it's whole life, plus any decent replacement would probably be way more expensive. At least thats our story and we are sticking to it...haha.