2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Rig Build

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After helplessly attempting to mount one tire on a rim, I took them all in to a local shop to mount them for $8/piece. Thank goodness for pre-TPMS vehicles. It's a lot less work to simply install a Schrader valve and not program a TPMS gauge.

After the tire shop did me a solid, I went ahead and poured in some ceramic balance beads into the tires via the Schrader valves.

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After spending time pouring all these in via the valve stem, I'd rather watch the grass grow.

Better yet,

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I decided to pour myself a cold one. I deserved it.
$8.00 for a tire mount is cheaper than Ensenada.


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Late-January 2020:

Just going to slide this pic in:

Finally got the sliders welded on. Truly, they are bonafide step-bars, as they are welded to where you would mount the steps. I'll have to add more trussing and sheer plates to have it fully connect to the frame.

More front pics:


Adding more spice to this page!


Got ourselves an aluminum flatbed (8ft) without the headache rack. Right now it looks a bit weird, but change is never understood until it's complete! I honestly look back into my driveway every single time with how she's coming along.

Be sure to tune in as I continue the build! Things at this point should get real interesting, real fast! Where will this build go? 🤔


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I'm digging yours as well! Are those 37s? Looks like I need to make that jump.

The final plan of use will be revealed soon! I'm excited to see it into fruition.
Yep 37s. I have not quite decided my fine use of the fit bed. Real flat bed or fenders with a low deck. Good to see what others are doing.


Sweet truck and build!
Ive got a set of headlights that fit your truck if you're interested. LS430 projectors. I made these for my 3rd gen and pulled them before I sold it (he low balled me.) I'm up in Fort Collins.fullsizeoutput_d5b.jpeg


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February 2020:


Custom-valved 2.5" Kings for all four corners came in a couple of weeks ago. I have yet to do any of the other install in the last several weeks as these are (suprisingly) not high on my priority list.

I did also manage to get new HD shackles, custom leaf springs, bump stops, control arms, 3" coil springs, a sway bar, and an ARB twin-compressor in as well. They are currently being neglected in my garage at this time.

Soon, i'll have time to slap these all on.

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